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Manager allows the user or group to delete the object, and change the object s permissions and owner.This check is infrequent and very lightweight, avoiding congestion of the customer intranet.These features are available to both the site administrator and users, enabling them to apply the level of protection needed for their site.

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the following concerns about security:. O All transaction content between the SMart esolutions Client and the Xerox Communication Server is auditable by both the customer and Xerox. This

provides the customer with the capability to consolidate data communication through a reduced number of Production Systems and Office products. Remote Services transactions always originate from the device, based on authorizations made by the customer. Writer allows the user or group to change the object s properties and add new objects, including new versions of documents. O Communications from the device shall not include information that indicates the identity of the customer or customer s employees o The SMart esolutions Client allows a one-way connection from the device to Xerox. To achieve the effect of 2-way connectivity the SMart esolutions Clients periodically check-in with the Xerox Communication Server to receive any instructions for them. The connection to Xerox and our back-office processes is shown at the lower right corner of the triangle. Read-Only users cannot add new content or change existing content on the site. The number of each type of user account that can be created is controlled by the CALs available on the site. 1 Xerox DocuShare Security Features Security White Paper 2 Xerox DocuShare Security Features Businesses are increasingly concerned economics harvard phd with protecting the security of their networks. Accounts created and managed within DocuShare s internal identity domain rely on DocuShare for password management, group membership, and authentication. If a site has sensitive data that needs to be restricted to a few users, the Site Administrators group can be removed from the Content Administrators group. Part of the Xerox DocuShare content management platform, DocuShare helps customers significantly improve productivity, streamline business processes, and reduce the time and cost of managing routine business documents and information. Any number of DocuShare user accounts can access DocuShare content. Currently this data is used for one of two purposes: 1) Billing Billing information is sent up with each data push allowing Xerox to produce accurate and timely customer invoices. The security related goals were derived from the following sources:. The process of granting the device remote access services based on our customer s security needs and product acquisition decisions.

DocuShare Sitewide Access Policies DocuShare provides four sitewide access policies that how to make a paper chinese dragon step by step the site administrator can change depending on the security needs. Xerox DocuShare Security Features 5 6 DocuShare Access Permissions Every DocuShare object has an access control list ACL which is assigned to the object when it is added to the site. Users log into DocuShare using their ldap credentials a separate login is not required. This addon module automatically encrypts the content of a document when it is uploaded to DocuShare. Which are located at the vertices of the triangle.

Or http protocol, adobe offers PKI Public Key Infrastructure protection of PDF documents. Such as RSA SecurID, quantitative use phd of web services as the underlying mechanism for all SMart esolutions transactions ensures both interoperability and compatibility with firewalls. Recognizing this, docuShare includes a Web servlet engine called Tomcat the Java version of Apache to handle browser. A remote user variable is set in the Request environment passed to DocuShare in the form of remote For auto login to work with DocuShare. An administrator can use DocuShare to manage the accounts created on an internal domain and use an ldap AD server to create and manage separate sets of accounts on one or more external domains. These three elements work together in a seamless manner to enable a rich variety of remote services and to provide for additional services to be added in the future.

With SSL enabled, all usernames and passwords are encrypted before they are sent.SMart esolutions Clients support the 128 bit SSL encryption As shown in Figure 2, SMart esolutions Clients initiate all interactions between themselves and the Xerox Communication Server.These studies were focused on determining customer preferences and their remote services needs.

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Protecting your Documents in the Document Repository When configuring DocuShare, you can choose where your documents are to be stored, either on a local drive (recommended) or on a SAN or other external storage device.