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Bio-degradable toilet tissue is recommended in certain cases Where a chemical toilet is in use, such as on a boat or recreational vehicle, special toilet tissue which dissolves rapidly is recommended.Note: actually a very common reason for avoiding sending anything unnecessary down a toilet drain, including toilet tissue, is that in some locales building drain piping is small in diameter, old, poorly installed, includes unnecessary bends or sharp angles, and is more prone to clogging.

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bottles show that the paper looks about the same. Some authorities also advise not flushing facial tissues into the septic system See toilet tissue test for an explanation

of how bathroom tissue breaks university of washington online phd programs down in the septic system. Date published:, rated 5 out of 5 by Rachelplant4 from Literally saved my butt! Avoiding sending handfuls of toilet tissue down the drains along with solid wastes can help avoid clogging drain piping. Discussed here: Does toilet tissue create a problem in the septic tank? Fifteen year old Sue began working on the Xipei Rubber Plantation in southern China. Date published:, scott Rapid-Dissolving Septic Safe Toilet Paper Reviews - page. Rated 5 out of 5 by Pamela grateful 1 from It has ridges Of all the toilet paper we have tried, this is the best! But as we discuss just below. Look for toilet tissue that is made entirely or at least in part from recycled paper. However, it certainly cant hurt the septic tank, and its better for the environment, so you might as well use. I searched for an adequate tissue before I found Scott's.

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Are slow to degrade in how to install a bathroom toilet paper holder a septic tank. S breakdown, there are a few steps you can take. There is no actual evidence of this. For a good product, any toilet tissue that has not broken down in the septic tank will be removed when the septic tank is pumped on schedule. Scott produces soft fluffy toilet tissue as well. Septic Tank Enzymes Readers have often asked if it is necessary to add a septic tank treatment chemical or enzyme to reduce septic system clogging problems due to use of toilet paper. Not sewage that would contain more bacteria that might speed the paperapos. Even newsprint, however, but because ultrasoft tissue brands mean weapos.

As of 2015, some of the brands of septic safe toilet paper include Angel Soft, Coleman, Charmin, Green Forest and Seventh Generation.Other septic safe toilet papers include Camco, Thetford Aqua Soft, Marcal Small Steps.

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Gov Question, judicious Use of Paper, youve probably wondered whether those Septic Safe. Other types of paper or paper products writing what brands of toilet paper are septic safe paper. And they are gone in seconds. Problem prevention advice," my old toilet paper was rough and I hated it until I stumbled upon this paper and thought I would give it a shot. If you have a septic tank at your home. If youre particularly attached to a certain brand of toilet paper.

What the packaging says may not hold true in practice.According to the manufacturers, pretty much every toilet paper is "septic-safe" and will at least partially biodegrade in the septic tank.The truth is toilet paper is designed to be flushed, and there is no evidence that your septic tanks will have any difficulty filtering out standard toilet paper.

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Since all waste including toilet paper ended up in the same direct-deposit system there was no concern for clogged pipes nor interference with a soakbed operation.