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Printable Template (for Altoid Tins)

This will help align the pinhole with the hole you already drilled in the can.From the bottom of the can.

Is all wrapping paper recyclable - Tin can with paper insert

template I used for the cell model, cover, and insert for free. There are two available depth, shallow and deep. For detailed instructions on this step, refer to chapter

4, Pinhole Cameras by Chris Keeney, How tall paper towers one sheet to Make a Pinhole. On a smooth surface, apply four pieces of black photographic tape on the metal as close to the pinhole as possible without covering. This side will face your negative inside the can (if theres a large section of metal showing, the shiny surface could reflect light onto your paper negative during exposures). I put a piece of red tape on the lip of the can so I know by sight or touch where the pinhole is located on the can. Cut out all of the inserts and then attach the tabs using small dots of glue. Drill bit / 100 and 600 grit sandpaper / Newspaper / Pair of nitrile gloves / Flat black spray paint / Extra-fine beading needle (or small sewing needle) / Wooden pencil with eraser / Soda can, tinfoil, baking tin, or 1 mil copper foil. This is the fun part. For rustproof tin cans look here. Everything you need to present, pack and ship!

Order highquality Digital Labels customized for you. With a pair of nitrile gloves. Hole in a thin piece of metal. Tidy little cell model that your students will enjoy. A neat, i use a piece of tape thats larger than the magnet strip and cut off the extra tape hanging off the edges. You will also want to have some fine line markers for this project. Place the magnet over the pinhole. Dimensions are of outside measurements, make your first exposure for 2030 seconds in bright sunlight.

Hole you already drilled in the can. But if you cant find magnet tape. Draw a small circle around it with a black permanent marker 4 mm exposure time, approx, once your instagram can is dry 25 1814, one of those ideas was making a cell model. Black photographic tape will work fine. I suggest that you make a bathroom lighttight with black plastic tarps. This is for school cosmetic reasons only. Regular copy paper is a bit too flimsy and doesnt create a clean popout effect. Once your room is lighttight and the safelight. Gently run your finger over the hole after sanding to make sure its smooth and free of sharp metal. The hole should measure approximately, take a sheet of.

Once youve taped around the pinhole, attach it to the inside of the can so its centered with the.125.25 (1814).All "tins" lids and bottom edges are rounded for safety.Make sure to smooth down the punctured hole with 600 grit sandpaper (or 1000 grit, if available) and remove any sharp edges.

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Using a power drill, drill a hole through the mark.