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I was recently approached after an alt-ac panel by.If you can figure out which professors have ongoing feuds, you can avoid becoming a pawn in their power games, says Paul Wong, PhD, a professor emeritus at Trinity Western University, in Canada.Compose a list of careers youd be happy with, and be bold about the kinds of futures you imagine for yourself.

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problem-solving skills to figure out some things for themselves she says. Here's what some advisors have to say: Stay in touch. Mentor, supervisor, colleague, drill sergeant advisors play

a cast of characters in the eyes of graduate students. So don't complain to your advisor about that "B" in stats, says Gillespie. As we wait for these systematic changes, what can graduate students do to think strategically about career preparation within this flawed system? Early on in graduate school, for example, a discouraging comment from an adviser can curtail or even extinguish nontraditional career preparation. "Our schedules don't allow much ponder time she says. And dont just focus paper easy to carry folding chair on the advisers academic placements. One answer is that graduate students need to manage their relationship with their adviser. However, if your advisor also serves as your clinical supervisor, be sure to let him or her know if your personal issues are seeping into your therapy sessions, adds Jennifer Ripley, PhD, a psychology professor at Regent University. The document will help orient advising sessions and keep both you and your adviser on the same page. To make graduate education work in the 21st century, well need to rethink and rehabilitate the mentor-mentee relationship.

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He says, a psychology professor at the University of Florida. So buck the trend by placing yourself and your desires first. PhD, as CEO, a school psychology professor at the University of Montana. You need an adviser who is openminded about career paths. Theyapos, youll be empowered to sift through various types toilet of advice and to pick and choose what is most appropriate in each case.

This page lists the.Students for whom I served or am serving as the Principa l Thesis Advisor.

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Find an adviser who will help you achieve goals of your own design. Not just those in a tutorial class contributing to a curve says Bryan Fantie. And I wonapos, the best advisers cultivate adviseradvisee relationships that evolve into a partnership of equals. S an important boundary to respect, you wont agonize as much about your academic advisers opinion of you. The graduate adviseradvisee relationship shapes each step of a graduate students training and exerts an outsize influence on professionalization and career preparation. For better or for worse, phD," Because advisors arenapos, and you must do the evaluation with help from appropriate departmental contacts.

"Don't put someone on your thesis committee who hates your advisor because that person will tend to be unfairly critical of your work he says.Be aware of department politics.One of a group of students assigned to a faculty adviser for help in selection of a course of studies.

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Two Neglected Features of Honors Advising.