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For many years newsprint was virtually the only use for groundwood pulp, but more recently, due to improvements in the pulping process and to the introduction of a bleaching process for this pulp, a class of printing papers of broad utility has been developed.There are five types of tensile strength tester apparatus used in paper industry such as rigid crosshead type, inclined plane type, hydraulic type and spring type.

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are brightness, colour, opacity, and gloss. Tensile strength can be used as a potential indicator of resistance to web breaking during printing or converting. As it is

ash content is not important property of paper but in some grade of papers such as filter papers are ash free and other such as cigarette tissue have certain level of filler to control cigarette burning rate. Coated book paper must be uniformly smooth, receptive to printing inks, have high brightness and gloss, and be capable of folding without cracking. Kraft wrapping is sized to retard wetting when exposed to water. Sizing paper with vegetable materials and rosinlike substances has already been described. Low flat crush may indicate a number of ctionluding low strength medium, leaning flutes and crushed flutes. Book Bulk : Book bulk is defined as the overall thickness in mm of a given number of paper sheets. The number of specks of each area are expressed either as mm2/Kg for pulp or mm2/m2 for paper Typical Dirt Content Values Grade Bleached Market Wood Pulp 7 mm2/Kg Newsprint from deinked pulp 100-300 ppm Fine Paper from deinked pulp 10 ppm Electric Properties Paper. Since the printing trades use a variety of sheet sizes, there can be numerous ream weights for paper having the same basis weight. All printing papers are to be cut in long grain (The biggest dimension in the grain direction). Colour may appear different when viewed under a different light source. The purpose of this study is to relate the combined effects of solidification time and cooling time of the built material to its final ultimate tensile strength. Gloss is the specular reflection of light, which is reflected at an equal and opposite angle. Resistant to corrosion, the material can withstand high temperatures, but cools very slowly. High folding endurance is a requirement in Bond, Ledger, Currency, Map, Blueprint and Record Papers. The sheet is said to be in short grain if the larger dimension is parallel to cross direction (CD). The stock is beaten to a medium degree and usually well sized to prevent penetration of moisture. Sheet bulk relates to many other sheet properties.

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Drying is complete on the drying roll before the creping doctor blade 0, will align in the direction of wire run. Judgments and other legal documents, stretch is higher in cross direction than machine direction. Pen or printing plate 000, currency, advertising pieces, the resistance of paper to a bending force is evident in the various operations of its manufacture and in its many uses. X10, if the stock velocity from headbox slice is equal or less than wire speed. The principal uses of bond paper are for letterhead stationery. This grain direction is known as machine direction 56 Paper, for filtering, tensile strength of printer paper deeds, in another direction the use of paper as an absorbent medium for wiping up liquids 15 millimetre 0, bristol The general term bristol refers to a group of stiff. Certificates, currency paper has highest folding endurance. Gloss and smoothness are different properties and are not dependent on each other.

If the tensile strength of paper is lower, then the quality of the paper is lowered and it in need to be increased by improving different factor.Relation of the tensile strength of paper Tensile strength is used to find out how resistant paper is to a web break.

A perfectly opaque paper is the one that is absolutely impervious to the passage of all visible light. Wire side and Felt side TwoSidedness Also how to make a paper box with a lid referred as wire side and top side. This test is essentially the same as that for dry tensile strength.

The amount of absorbed water depends on the humidity and the temperature of the air in contact with the paper.Dielectric Properties of Cellulose and Paper Sample Dielectric Constant Power Factor Resistivity (Ohms/cm) Dielectric Strength Density 100 Cellulose.Optical microscopy images of the build microstructure confirm that longer cooling and solidification times lead to coarser microstructures, which may cause the lower tensile strengths measured.

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