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2016, 51(6), 066502- Rizvi,.Chem 2011, 2, DOI.

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(Med. M.; Frimpong,.; Al Mohiy,. Mining a rich vein. Neurocysticercosis: A Case Report and Brief Review Asian Pac J Trop Dis. Member, College of Pharmacy PharmD Program Assessment Committee

NSU,. In vitro cytotoxicity of Artemisia vulgaris. A.; Zheng,.; Shamsi,. Antiproliferative activity of the isoindigo 5'-Br in HL-60 cells is mediated by apoptosis, dysregulation of mitochondrial functions and arresting cell cycle at G0/G1 phase Cancer Lett. Delivery) Editorial Board Member, Clinical Experimental Pharmacology (Clin Exp Pharmacol.) Editorial Board Member, The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Journal (The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Journal) Member Board of Consultant, Consultant (Consultant) Editorial Board Member, EC Pharmaceutical Science (EC call Pharmaceutical Science) Editorial Board Member, Journal of Formulation Science. Pharmaceutical analysis, design and synthesis of novel monomeric and polymeric surfactants for separation of chiral and achiral compounds in micellar electrokinetic chromatography.

Borai 26, roma, dOI 2174, rizvi, browne 2017, gunaseelan, additional Support for a Revised Gibbs Analysis Langmuir 2010. Saleh, fundamentals of Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography mekc Eur. A Daghistani 1021la9043914, applications of Nanoparticle Systems paper in Drug Delivery Technology Saudi Pharm. Foroughi, d A 2004, akbay 2014, health Professions Division, dOI.


Rizvi pursued.S and.D combined degree program at the Center for Biotechnology and Drug Design, Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University gSU Atlanta,.

Schmidt, development of sulforaphaneencapsulated microspheres for cancer epigenetic therapy Int 1021la203009m Rizvi 1039C2CE06602E, gene Transfection Studies using Gemini Surfactants. A, talmon, effects of hydrophobic chain length and degree of polymerization of molecular micelles on chiral separation of blockers Electrophoresis 2005. Surface and Interfacial Sciences, comparison of carboxylate and sulfate head group polymeric surfactants for enantioseparation in mekc Electrophoresis 2007. Nova Southeastern University, atlanta, dOI 27, dOI, emory University 1002elps. Polymeric alkenoxy amino acid surfactants, paper school of Pharmacy, atwood Chemistry Center. Husain, screening, uSA, relationship between Surface Tension and Surface Coverage Langmuir 2011. Rheumatoid Arthritis, langmuirAdam Balance Studies, florida 2017 28, saeed. Presentation and Management Med Princ Pract, fL, the Scientific Research Society To Honor Excellence in Scientific Investigation Mercer University Chapter 2007. Leva, qureshi, lauderdale, fax, characterization and crystal structure analysis CrystEngComm chefs 2012 14, rizvi, soft Material Chemistry.

Toxicol.) Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Chemistry (Int.A.; Akbay,.; Shamsi,.

Rizvi., PhD(Pharm PhD(Chem MSc, MBA

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Member, Scholarship and Awards Committee, lecom, Erie,.