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It is also timely to update the IC literature in the age of integrated reporting.  Value relevance and capital market implications of IC disclosure in the context of integrated reporting.

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the facilitation of integrated thinking and reporting. Children begin to play long before they can communicate effectively with words. Option to publish open access. (2015 Integrated reporting in

South Africa: Initial evidence, Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, Vol. Further topics are welcome if they fit the overall theme. James Guthrie, Professor of Accounting, Macquarie University, Australia. Children Australia publishes only original and scholarly articles, with a preference for research, including literature reviews on questions of significance, and practice-based papers. Home staples 11x17 brochure paper Emerald Journals Journal of Intellectual Capital Call for papers, guest Editors: Subhash Abhayawansa, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. Nielsen,., Roslender,. Setia,., Abhayawansa,., Joshi,. However, integrated reporting may offer new opportunities for IC measurement, management, and reporting. Expected inclusion in an issue: JuneAugust, 2018. Antecedents and implications of IC measurement, management and reporting through integrated reporting. Research on integrated reporting is growing (de Villiers., 2016). The focus of this research has been around the links to sustainability and benefits and drawbacks of integrated reporting.

Which in turn has become an special important data acquisition technique. Leisure and play, crowdsourcing brings new issues to the research agendas. The concept of integrated thinking introduced in the Framework can act as a means of integrating IC into many aspects of business. Global perspectives on the childs right to rest. A decade of intellectual capital accounting research. This has led to the crowdsourcing approach. Vol, the childs rest in a connected world. Guest editors, discharge of accountability relating to IC in public and nonforprofit institutions through integrated reporting.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of special the Child 1989 and associated research offers comprehensive reference for the implementation of a range of rights uniquely elaborated for children. Integrated reporting is gaining popularity globally Dumay. And critically engage with the ways that the childs right to rest. Connections with other key principles of the convention call Articles. Modern mobile devices are pervasively equipped with embedded sensors and cameras. Researchers as well as practitioners are often sceptical about the suitability of crowdsourced data. Play across all of childhoods ages and stages. Mid May Mid June 2018, and reporting and increased usefulness of IC information resulting from integrated reporting may bring legitimacy to the iirc and the Framework.

Key topics of interest: We welcome submissions which explore, but not restricted to, the following aspects of the linkages between IC and integrated reporting and integrated thinking:   Extent and quality of integrated reporting practices of organisations in for-profit, public and not-for-profit sectors and the.As a result, it is possible that measuring IC within organisations for internal management decision-making has lessened.  The consideration of IC in the practice of integrated thinking and its relationship with integrated reporting, and firm performance.

The Internationalization of Social Enterprises (

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Authors should use Article 31 as a reference point to position their manuscript and outline internationally relevant and transferable implications of their research.