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Just whose foot did the cobbler have in mind?Paradoxically, although the Doll Games showed a utopian disregard for money and a high scorn for the conventional appurtenances of femininity, purses were manufactured in quantities rivaled only by daggers.

: Snow white paper doll. Developing paper without stop bath

Objects Pertaining to the Doll Games of Shelley and Pamela Jackson, Omitting Manuscripts and Other Written Ephemera, which are Itemized Elsewhere. Sucrets, a throat lozenge, was popular with the

orally fixated Jacksons for its candy-like sweetness. The loop of the first R is missing. Blue faux leather suspenders, criss-crossed at the center of the back and joined with a small brass safety pin; clasps are identical safety pins. Visor held on at two corners with telephone wire (decoratively coiled in tight spirals). Sheath is of faux leather, yellow problem ochre, folded and stitched up one side with orange telephone wire, the end of which is left loose to serve as a strap. "Cash box" (so labelled in magenta magic marker on a small hand-trimmed piece of white paper, an irregular jam square with the corners rounded off, affixed to the box The Blue Tip matchbox, unlined, containing 7 "pieces of eight gold on one side, silver on the. Backpack bears initial J in white plastic. Image is of waves around a headland. Purple velvet, stitched with varicolored thread. Name (?) on visor is smeared and illegible. Birthday candle in holder. Cross-bar is a wooden dowel tapered on one end, probably a chopstick, passing through the centers of the wheels weights and "bolted" on the outside with, one the tapered end, an accretion of red waxy material (beeswax?) and on the other, a red rubber band. We do not know who Percy was. On front cover, "balloon letter paper" in purple magic marker, the two os bearing joined balloon strings. Gold lettering on lid reads " Compliments of duracell" All others are of faux leather, two in yellow ochre, four in burnt sienna, one blue, two metallic gold, most stitched in telephone wire. Two dresses with full skirts stitched to contrasting bodices, with two holes cut near top and finished with thread (like buttonholes). Jewelry box, Blue Sir Winston matchbox dining, cocktails, el camino real, atherton unlined, containing a pair of pin earrings, orange, and one necklace of brass-colored chain. Lotion is dried and gummy. These are reproductions of paintings.

Snow white paper doll

May once have been attached, but then lulled, which is real leather rustcolored suede folded and joined with more cloth tape. Distributed in an apparently random way. Josi" from the apartment of Mara or Melanie. With large stitches of blue and red thread. All cut out of electrical tape the beard is formed from three printer joined pieces. The imagination is perhaps at first excited by these curious objects. Evidence that the artist originally intended to make a more complex puzzle. One sock hooded cape hemmed with white cloth tape.

Quot; a snow barrelshaped whiskeycolored translucent plastic button with a silverbacked dome on one end. Note that the calendar runs"" this also in magic marker assorted colors. The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence. A matching dome once adorned the other end but has fallen or been prised off to improve the resemblance to a flashlight. Front cover reads" sketch Boo" made for the use of" Calendar Sept, september to Augus"" gift dating from" Man Ted, on this side and corresponding to the location of doll the viewfinder on the front is a small patch of glue where. Single pearly button at nape sewn on with black thread. One purse and one backpack, one of these is trimmed with orange rickrack.

Emblematic of the way the Doll Games consumed the larger culture, transforming and reconfiguring it for its own purposes, these jewel-like miniatures, none more than half an inch tall, are the products of thoroughly American dreamers.Via, snow White Teen Costume, another traditional costume is Snow White, but somehow this adorable costume shines above the rest!

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Single faux leather shoe folded trimmed and stitched with black telephone wire.