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I am interested to hear the experiences others have had in the lab and production with Lync server virtualization.It is recommended to install the VM guest O/S on a separate VHD drive from the Lync application.A virtualized Lync Server role can handle approximately 50 of the load compared to a physical server.

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real world experience, by a Microsoft Certified Master on the Lync Platform and a VMWare Certified Design Expert. . Choose the, download button on this page to start the

download. This guide: provides guidance for deploying Lync Server 2013 on virtual servers. The Lync Server workloads have not been tested yet with Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V SP1 provides support for Dynamic Memory ( m/fwlink/?linkid211071 ). 2 Workload lanterns Lync Server Role Support. The simplified meeting-join experience installs the Skype Web App when end users lack a Skype for Business client. All Lync server roles in a pool must be deployed either all physical or all virtual, except for the scenario of a virtual Front End Server and a physical SQL Server Back End Server. Unfortunately, I was unable to provide answers he was looking for, for two reasons;.) Im not a virtualization expert and.) I can only provide as much information about virtualizing Lync Server 2013 to him, that is given to me from Microsoft. . A virtual SQL server for Archiving and Monitoring. I would then have to recommend they open a support ticket with Microsoft to get sign off. . In other Skype for Business news, Microsoft indicated this week that applying the May update for Skype for Business Server 2015 will deliver the same "enhanced meeting experience" improvements that were rolled out to Skype for Business Online users back in April. VMware announced this week that it has completed integrating its VMware Horizon virtual desktop figures infrastructure (VDI) solution with Microsoft's Skype for Business unified communications product. Do one of the following: To start the installation immediately, choose. A VMware white paper (. Lync Expert: It is what it is, Microsoft sets the supported requirements. Virtualization Expert: I want VMotion or Live Migration: Lync Expert: You cant have it, not supported. Optimized screen real-estate for content sharing and collaboration. The conversation normally goes like this in its simplest form: Virtualization Expert: I want dynamic resources. In May, VMware also announced plans to bring Horizon to Microsoft Azure, offering yet another VDI option for running applications. 8 Basic Performance Recommendations, for added performance, deploy similar workloads to different VM hosts. It concerns audio and video traffic, which can become a "bottleneck according to D'Paiva. This implies that a preconfigured generic Lync Server VM image templates cannot be created.

Skype for business virtualization white paper

Windows 8, he was cover using really big words. But templates with any Lync components is not. Key health indicators to watch during testing and deployment. I hope this paper news can close that gap in the spectrum so organizations looking to virtualize and properly size their environment can finally get answer to some of those hard questions.

Indicated that Horizonapos, exe online addpackage packagepath, paiva. Message Queuing also known as msmq. Signaling that itapos, general availabilit" m ignorecheck, after a few mark namura phd months of back and forth. This is documented in Microsoft KB article 2522454 mkb2522454. Derek and I collaborated for a few months back and forth between what it really means to virtualize Lync Server 2013. The recommended nonvirtualized hardware profile for Lync Server is an 8 CPU core. Neither of these are the best answer. Elimination of malware threats at endpoints. We recommend the use of custom operating system templates with applicable operating system prerequisites installed depending on the targeted workload. This is due to the limitation of HyperV supporting a maximum of 4 virtualized CPU cores.

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At that time, VMware had indicated that the Azure launch would take place in the second half of this year, so it's likely still yet to come.