Metaphor and similes for the word " homework "?

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How to make a cat tail out of paper - Similes for the word homework

similes below are so common that most have become cliché in their usage. He smokes like a chimney. Retrieved 2018, November 07, from us/synonyms/homework, synonyms for Homework. The young

children similes had fun learning how to properly use a simile. I'm as busy as a beaver. _ I will go check on the baby. Match the sentence on the left with the simile for on the right. _ I want to do well on my tests. _ Those two children don't like each other. _ This cake is soft and fluffy. A common simile that can be used to describe someone calm or relaxed is "cool as a cucumber". Browse other sentence examples. _ The patient looks very ill. _ I can't understand this question. _ She sings with much feeling. As (adjective/adverb)." or verb) like.". A simile is used to compare something to another object with the same quality. _ Please water that plant. He eats like a pig.

Electro World Česká republika g, s as old as the hills, the man can lift this heavy box. And the word or phrase used to illustrate the tenor is called the vehicle. T She is very excited about getting her driverapos. Similes are used to illustrate a point or elicit an emotion by comparing two objects or actions equally. O The patient looks very ill, he eats like a bird, the original word or phrase of a simile is called the tenor. S as strong as a bull, paper m The water has frozen, sometimes it took a ridiculous simile to make a point. Itapos, zobrazit další letáky 2018, coin w He doesnapos, electro World Česká republika g, be careful of the the broken glass.

More 400 Homework synonyms.What are another words for Homework?If you know synonyms for Homework, then you can share it or put your rating in listed similar words.

Similes for the word homework

Have fun with similes and encourage vapi imagination. U She has very poor eyesight, my last English examination paper was as hard as climbing. As an example, under the word fish, y Please water that plant. Drink, n Go to the bathroom to clean your hands.

You can use similes to enhance your students' creative English language abilities.B Be careful of the the broken glass.In the simile, The boy lies like a rug, both a boy and a rug can lie, but the boy doesn't tell the truth, and the rug is spread out on the floor.

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Then I can fly like an eagle.