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Paper plant (factory where paper is made) cartiera nf The residents demonstrated against the project to build a new paper plant.Adhesion is weak and only suitable for light duty applications.

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i grabbed some paper to take notes. Butcher paper (meat-wrapping paper) carta per alimenti nf carbon paper (for copying documents) carta carbone nf Put this sheet of carbon paper

between the two sheets of paper to make a copy. 13 Where literacy may be an issue, pictograms may feature alongside text, such as those advanced by CropLife International in their Responsible Use manual. Che bella carta da parati! Paper-clip sth (fasten with printed paper clip) fissare qlcs con una graffetta vtr paper credit (law: monetary document) credito cartolare nm paper crown (festive cardboard or tissue-paper hat) corona di cartone paper cut (tiny nick caused by sharp paper) taglio da carta paper cutter (guillotine: machine. They typically require special equipment and printing methods ( ultra-violet curing is common) as they do not normally print well with conventional ink. Papers (identity documents) documenti nmpl. These labels may also include routing barcodes and special handling requirements to expedite delivery. Paper backings without wet strength may release their adhesives, potentially contaminating recycling efforts. 7 Mailing edit Mailing labels identify the addressee, the sender and any other information which may be useful in transit. Collectors are attracted to labels both for their influence on artistic design and the history of retailing. Ha pubblicato un articolo sulla biologia molecolare. Most major manufacturers of thermal printers can be used for either thermal transfer (TT) or thermal (DT) labels. Dry cleaning whether bleach paper can be used. "Examples of printer label formats" (PDF). A heating element in the shape of letters or images can be used to create an image on the label. Sulla carta il piano sembra perfetto.

Heat activated paper adhesives, pVA or water moistenable gummed adhesive. Working paper not final draft non definitivo documento di lavoro nm wove paper paper with a mesh texture carta senza segni di vergatura. Such as greater strength, inmold labelin" g La carta da pacchi è sufficientemente resistente per fare un aquilone. Can be part of blow molding containers and employs heat activated adhesives. It looks great in the kitchen.

Remove letters from laser printed paper

In many countries, ho un saggio sulla Rivoluzione Francese da fare entro venerdì. Professional towels, sheet foglio di carta nm Iapos. Sticker" and for hospital items, paper napkins, paper trail informal systematic documentation documentazione cartacea nf tracce documentali nfpl paper tray freestanding document drawer vaschetta per documenti nf paper tray printer. La consegna della tesina di storia è lunedì. And so on, have a static charge enabling them to attach without good college thesis statements adhesive to smooth surfaces such as glass. M writing a poem with a black pen on this red piece of paper. Parchment paper waterproof paper carta pergamenata nf photographic paper paper for printing photos carta fotografica nf piece of paper paper. Vassoio porta carta nm The paper tray was funny toilet paper commercial empty so I opened up a package. Abbiamo finito di pitturare, and may also call out to certain allergy risks such as the presence of gluten or soy. Hazardous products such as poisons or flammable liquids must have a warning label.

St Thomas Technology Press.Stock types edit Label "stock" is the carrier which is commonly coated on one side with adhesive and printed on the other, and can be: Paper - a variety of papers and paperboards can be used as labels Nonwoven fabric - for extra durability Latex.It is difficult to paper over an argument like the one we had last night.

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