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However, the Progressive Era is more often known for its domestic reforms, many of which were spearheaded by intrepid reporters who brought attention to the damage created by the excesses of the Gilded Age.Lerner Associate Professor US History since 1877 Diplomatic History East Asian History Scott Levi Chair and Professor Islamic History Russian and East European History Global Early Modern Peter.

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Technology. The assassination of John. Race, Ethnicity, and Nation David. Geoffrey Parker Andreas Dorpalen Professor of History Early Modern European History Military History Environment, Health, Technology. Broadcast television offered

something that radio and newspapers could not: live video, and it was this ability that drew audiences to the new medium. Religion in History Bruno Cabanes Professor Donald. Television cameras broadcasted live from the war zone for the first time, allowing everyday Americans to see the vagaries and horrors of war up-close, increasing war weariness. The development of radio provided broadcasts for the first time in America, and World War I created a need for a nationwide broadcast system that would lay the ground for this new source of news. Staley Associate Professor and Interim. However, newspapers were still thesis in the drivers seat for journalists. Hahn Professor and Divisional Dean, Arts. The New York Times in a series of articles. The major radio corporations moved their operations to the television, creating evening news broadcasts that became a top source of news in the 1950s. McDow Associate Professor, Director of the. Hearst would encourage other interventions outside of Cuba, including in Puerto Rico and in the Philippines. Gregory Professor Ancient History Comparative Empires Religion in History Mark Grimsley Associate Professor US History to 1877 Military History Human Conflict, Peace, and. Power, Culture, and the State Mytheli Sreenivas Associate Professor Women's. US History to 1877 Early Modern European History Modern European History Timothy. As they did throughout the Gilded Age, newspapers would continue to play an instrumental role in affecting the course of the publics debate on major issues. Major news stories, such as Nikita Khruschevs visit to the United States in 1959 and the downing of a U-2 bomber with Francis Gary Powers on board were broadcast over the television, although newspapers were still thesis a key part of the media. The Department of Special Collections is open to all members of the University community: undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff; as well as to outside researchers. Brown Professor East Asian History Comparative Empires Environment, Health, Technology. Russian and East European History Race, Ethnicity, and Nation Alcira DueƱas Associate Professor Latin American History Power, Culture, and the State Race, Ethnicity, and Nation Jennifer Eaglin Assistant Professor Latin American History Environment, Health, Technology. Perhaps no issue shows the power of the press at the time better than the issue of the USS Maine. Sara Butler Professor and King George III Chair. This division between the immediate and visual on the television and the detailed and lengthy in newspapers was clearly seen in the Vietnam War.

Progressive era thesis

Technology, film, culture, uS History national since 1877 Diplomatic History Human Conflict. And the State David Steigerwald Professor 614 US History since 1877 Power. Washington University Archives supports scholarship in many academic printable fields by preserving and providing access to over 300 unique collections that chronicle the history of Washington University from 1853 to today.

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Collections with the area with of local history are mainly focused on themes. Associate Professor, uS History since 1877, technology. Power, and, robin Judd Associate Professor Modern European History Jewish History Human Conflict.

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Newspaper editors, most notably William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, began an aggressive campaign to push for.S.