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The effectiveness of three-dimensional computer animation on listeners affective and cognitive responses towards contemporary electronic spacemusic utilizing three-dimensional audio (surround sound).Lesley Dee Kenneth Tangie A study of teachers' feedback practice and its relation to student learning in the context of three secondary schools in English-speaking Cameroon.The different methods of assessment used in music education.

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of Hong Kong primary English teachers: the fractal selves. Rob Moore Benson Soong Improving secondary students' revision of physics concepts through computer-mediated peer discussion and prescriptive tutoring. Keith Taber

Clementine Beauvais From authoritative adult to mighty child: adult-power dynamics in politically transformative children's literature. Thesis, The Pennsylvania State University. Name, topic, supervisor, year of Completion, maria Luisa Alonso. Phil Gardner and Diane Reay Miranda Hamilton Autonomy, foreign language learning and technology: a study of the use of a virtual learning environment by a class of advanced level adult EFL learners in Mexico. Ros McLellan and David Whitebread Mohini Verma Temporal patterns of co-occurrence between children's self-regulatory behaviour and their private and social speech. Linda Hargreaves Andri Christodoulidou An exploration of the relationship between children's global emotion understanding and the quality of friendship. Catalina Castillo Castro, teacher practices in primary schools with high value-added scores and engaging lessons in disadvantaged communities in Rural Mexico. Audiation and the Gordon Music Learning Theory. Pamela Burnard Sihua Liang Construction of language attitudes in multilingual China: linguistic ethnographies of two primary schools in Guangzhou. Kenneth Ruthven Valeska Grau Self-regulated learning and conceptual development in biology: a naturalistic study with primary school children. How the ilam Music Heritage Project uses Western methods to teach African music. Richard Hickman Maia Chankseliani Mixed-methods study of higher education access in Georgia: does location matter? Pamela Burnard and Ros McLellan Wei Shin Leong Teachers' conceptions and practices of classroom assessment: case studies of SIngaporean primary and secondary school teachers. Dave Pedder Nitu Duggal Investigation of effectiveness of approaches to teaching reading comprehension. A new approach to computer-assisted instruction in music theory for elementary and middle school children. Martyn Rouse Yael Golan Kinder-egg children: identities and experiences of transracially adopted children. David Whitebread Yu Song An investigation of the relationships between thinking style, participation in classroom dialogue and learning outcomes - a study based in Mainland China. Madeleine Arnot Karl Maton Karl Maton The field of higher education: a sociology of reproduction, transformation, change and the conditions of emergence for cultural studies. Christine Howe Angela Githitho-Muriithi The reconstruction of childhood: a community my papers on arxiv study of child labour and schooling in Kenya. John Beck Claire Sangster The role of self-regulation in motor learning: exploring the self regulated motor performance of children with developmental coordination disorder. Effects of videotape analysis on role development of student teachers in music. John Gray Maria Gaiyabu Ekereri in the lives of teachers, parents and pupils: a path to school effectiveness and improvement in Nauru. Keith Taber Pete Dudley Lessons for learning: how teachers learn in the contexts of lesson study. Michael Evans Caroline Creaby A study of the relationship between professional development strategies and teacher professional identities David Frost Beatrice Balfour Memory, gender and early childhood education: reinterpreting Reggio Emilia schools' origin stories Phil Gardner Hildy Bennett Adolescent experiences of severe learning difficulties: a case. For full-time students, the research studies programme normally takes four years of study. Maria Nikolajeva Sue Bingham The expression and regulation of emotion by young children in classrooms: a developmental perspective on appraisal theory. David Whitebread Sook Chia A study of the introduction of school self-evaluation in Singapore and England. The case of educational peace building inside UN Higher Education. Richard Hickman Jose Diego-Mantecon Clarifying the field of student mathematics-related beliefs: developing measurement scales for 14/15-year old students across Bratislava, Cambridgeshire, Cantabria and Cyprus.

Phd thesis in music education

Responses to national, process skills and achievement, edith Esch Leila Walker Practitioner thinking about the successful use of resourcemedia on the lower secondary tricks to making your paper longer science classroom. A trajectory study of Cypriot multicultural educational policy in the context of the European Union. Darleen Opfer Juhi Sidharth Love and longing in Mumbai slums. The phd neuroscience london Doctoral Students Handbook Information from. A clarinet repertoire software database for college teachers. In Malaysian schools and its effects on student attitudes. The effects of computerassisted keyboard instruction on meter discrimination and rhythm discrimination of general music education students in the elementary school. You can explain its origin in your dissertation. David Pedder Carole Waugh An exploration into how teachers use student consultation strategies to inform the development of their classroom assessment practices.

Thesis, Teachers College, Columbia University.On distance learning and music education in Newfoundland and Labrador: A constructivist perspective.Empowered for practice: The relationship among perceived autonomy support, competence, and task persistence of undergraduate applied music students.

Rationalities, a sociocultural perspective on pupil engagement, collaboration and agency in the classroom. Relationships between education and cognitive neuroscience measures and academic performance. The construct of reading for secondary school learners of German. Diane Reay Oakleigh Welply Constructing identities in culturally diverse classrooms. Darleen Opfer and Nidhi Singal Riikka Hofmann Ownership in learning. Childhood contents in rural paper Bangladesh, a US case study, an ethnographic study on schooling experiences. John Gray Olena Fimyar Educational policymaking in postcommunist Ukraine.

Linda Hargreaves Valerie Yip Parental involvement, school strategies and reading in Hong Kong primary schools.Michael Evans Benson Soong Improving secondary students' revision of physics concepts through computer-mediated peer discussion and prescriptive tutoring.

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Madeleine Arnot Rosie Peppin Vaughan Gender equality in education: a case study of India's responses to international agendas.