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In addition to their figurative work, both families are especially known for their clay roosters, Nagaul (also nahaul is correct) figures, and colorful clay churches. .The basic pottery form is created by pressing highly prepared clay into molds that most-often, have been passed down through the generations.Popular artists such as the Linares in Mexico are known as " cartoneros "  Pedro Linares created and subsequent generations now create alebrijes which include fantastical dragons, beasts and winged fish on legs, floral decorated skulls, devils and skeleton figures.

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time (to avoid fading of colors or in high humidity or dampness. Although the Castillo style will continue with the next generation, Heriberto's talented hands fashions figures that only

can come from decades of experience. . As with any family, there are favored sons, black sheep, wonderful moments together, and jealousies and rivalries that divide. . This is grade what the Indians saw and they never forgot. . Today's Mexico is inhabited by approximately 12 million indigenous people and a staggering 62 indigenous languages are spoken and recognized. . At various times a circle is made by villagers, with and without bulls, each taking a turn dancing in the center while another chases the bull with an embroidered apron. . This is accomplished by forming small dough with the Manila paper and the paste, while giving volume to the muscles of the face and body. With minimal care, all nativities will be enjoyed for many years to come. "En Calavera" The Papier Mache Art of the Linares Family. This area of Guerrero celebrates special Spring planting rites dating back to pre-Hispanic times, asking the gods for rain and a bountiful growing season. And on cue after the clock has struck twelve, the Baby Jesus is placed in the nativity completing the tableau, and it's Christmas once again in Mexico. . Back to top Created with attitude, style and a wink, Mexico's clay catrinas are addictive! . The Linares use brushes of cat hair to achieve the fine lines. Since 2007 the Folk Art National Museum organizes The Alebrije's Night that includes a giant alebrije parade that goes from the Monument of the Independence to the Zocalo in Mexico City. In one region not so long ago, all newlyweds were presented with a Tree of Life as a symbol of their happiness and prosperity to come. . The Europeans of that era were mesmerized by the silk, spices and the products from the East that they took a while to realize the wealth America would generate for Spain. Subsequently various layers of newspaper dipped with paste are added and is left to dry. He proclaimed this creature an "alebrije and from that moment forward, the future of the Linares family was forever changed. . Back to top The clay figurative work of Mexico is some of the most-joyous and creative in the entire world. . With minimal care, all clay folk art will be enjoyed for many years to come. These plates and platters are made of low fire clay, and will dull with food use.

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Animal tower" figures are also created, catri" Without speaking English, philadelphia, in paper mache linares the University of Liberal Arts in Boston and has given courses presenting his work in galleries and schools in California. Serapio medrano LOS ortegas In Jalisco near Tlaquepaque. T have that gift, two renown clay families create a wonderfully naive pottery style. Carefully lift the base, about brightly painted clay figures, in his imagination he conceives the idea and gradually he gives it shape First with newspaper the volume of the figure in the project is made.

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Whether your choice is Medrano or Ortega. Petatillo table service for twelve can easily cost more than. And like no other figurative clay work found in Mexico.

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Although some form of decorative plates are made in nearly every state in Mexico, over the years savvy hostesses and collectors began to favor certain styles from specific regions. .