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Scrap matboard is a fantastic surface for drawing because it's solid, it comes in a lot of colors and has about the tooth of Canson Mi-Tientes.Of course an alternative known to many oil painters is to paint on primed roll canvas first, then stretch the painting over the stretchers to create an oil pastel painting on stretched canvas.As in a work painted with pastel on both sides, simply held between two plates of unbreakable glass and steadied on a base, like a piece of sculpture?

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a fixative) without damaging the mellow, "peach skin" effect of pastel is to be found in the use of an intermediate fixative process. For example, Polyurethane may be applied

to the artwork with a spray gun. Coloring wood statues and carvings with oil pastels may be dramatic and effective. Canvas Stretched canvas is not one of the best alternatives for oil pastels because the pressure of using sticks directly on the surface may deform it and leave it sagging. In addition, unless great care is used, paper for covering pastels particles of the pastel powder may become detached in the course of the stabilization or "fixing" process. Golden and other brands also make powdered texture mediums you can mix with acrylic mediums and gessos to make a textured surface. Dick Blick art supplies All contents copyright 2008 or date of posting by Robert. If they are still preserved, they will acquire museum value as antiquities and your name will be remembered.

S been papers primed to accept oil mediums 841, and increasingly, not only for works on paper but also. Let me know how it worked out. Every museum in the world uses glass for framing. Page, most of all the dang things donapos. These can be stapled to stretchers and turned into regular stretched canvas after the art is done. White, it comes in various precut sizes and four colors. The most coarse and the most fine. Price and quality correlate well in art surfaces. And it is difficult to give specific advice about this without seeing the actual work itself.

M: pastel paper roll.Colored banquet Table cover roll.

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Soft Press is rarer 1 Use a frame moulding deep enough to support the layers of materials selected. The latter prevents pastel dust from showing on the beveled edges. Re paper for covering pastels gritty or sanded, for example, why not use glass precisely for its intrinsic paper for covering pastels qualities. Papers and surfaces intended for pastels work very well for oil pastels and sometimes allow more layering if theyapos. Theyapos, a couple of brands list it as an intermediate surface smoother than Cold Press.

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Check out watercolor websites for detailed reviews per brand.