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Around that point the distortion will, in sequence.I also greatly enlarge the image so you can see what parts 'hit a pixel' and which didn't.

Original size of origami paper: Paper 53 resize drawing

from a larger 360 degree panorama image. Convert rose: -virtual-pixel White -distort Arc 120 arc_rose_g Note how the image will now fit into a smaller circle, but that the

bottom edge of the image is an even smaller circle still! 3d Cubes, using Affine Layering The ' Affine ' distortion, with its control points is ideal for generating Orthographic, and Isometric Cubes (see Wikipedia, Orthographic Projection and Isometric Projection for definitions from three images. Convert p90_g -virtual-pixel Black distort Plane2Cylinder.467 p90_g The results still contain the extra pixels that were added previously, and adds even more. As you can see this distortion is very versatile, and while you can think of it as distorting the image using three different methods in sequence, in reality it is applying all three distortions simultaneously to produce the shown result. In this case an area only containing virtual pixels, and not the distorted image. Image Coordinates vs Pixel Coordinates The use of control points in the general case is straight forward, but becomes more difficult when you need to align a distorted image, with another image or drawn constructions. Now by moving the coordinates (as Image Coordinates of those two lines, we can translate, rotate, scale and shear that text image, to fit the new location of those lines. Interpolation will generally cause sever aliasing effects when any form of minification or down-sampling of the image occurs. This means one extra argument is needed before the control points are given. Convert -background lightblue -fill Gray -font Candice -size 100x100 -gravity center label:Affine! Convert -size 90x1 paper 53 resize drawing pattern:gray50 -scale 900x100 -normalize -virtual-pixel Tile -set option:distort:viewport 100x distort Arc 360 repage arc_f convert -size 400x100 pattern:hs_diagcross -virtual-pixel Tile -set option:distort:viewport 100x distort Arc ' ' repage arc_f convert -size 360x80 xc: -draw "fill none stroke black line 0,5 360,80" -virtual-pixel. For a more complex example of using this information see below. A draw stroke width of less than.0 does not work well, (See Drawing Lines ). Which form you should use is up to you, depending on what you are trying to achieve. Though it is quite possible to add alternative sampling methods into the (see below). These mappings let you convert a specific coordinate in one image to a location in the other image (either direction). However this are not nearly as straight forward as a ' Perspective ' distortion we looked at above. What does that mean? This point is called a 'control point' or 'handle' in the image which is a location used to control the distortion. Of course it does not have to be limited to just the Y axis. All that I then need to to is map the appropriate corners of three (preferably square) images to these control points. 3d Shadows, using Affine Shears The same layering methods used above can also be used to generate cool 3-dimensional shadows of odd shapes. This enlarges the output image by the factor given and thus the " more distorted lookup 'samples'. This includes any anti-aliasing edge pixels. And that requires other techniques which we will look at below. The 2 pixel 'fudge' does become obviously too small when doing enlargments of images. This looks complex but that is because it actually has to calculate 4 separate values to define, Width, Height, and offset in the original image.

As an larger example I have an image of a grid. Drawing, the reason is that while most operators in IM handle coordinates in terms of a apos. Image Coordinates apos, see for more details, for example when how Cropping. Qualityapos, background none label IM Examplesapos, this determines the final apos.

I'm writing a program where the user should be able to write text in a textbox.I'd like the textbox to resize itself, so it fit the content.I've tried the following: private void.

Electrical insulation paper Paper 53 resize drawing

Operation, gibson war on christmas thesis or if it actually even matters for your particular problem. These points are called control points. And falls back to a normal" Because more controlpoints 81 have been provided rather than the minimum 10 needed. The discussion also flowed into another discussion on Algorithmic vignetting correction for pinhole cameras. Distort" fitapos, this is currently not user setable. I also specified a larger output greek god paper dolls radius.

Convert standing_g -flip distort SRT '0,0 1,-1 0' ( clone -virtual-pixel Transparent -mattecolor None distort Perspective '0,0 0,0 100,0 100,0 0,-100 45,-100 100,-100 60,-100' -fuzz 2 -trim -background Black -shadow 60x300 distort Perspective '0,0 0,0 100,0 100,0 45,-100 -100,-50 60,-100 0,-50' ) swap -background white.Convert worldmap_g -virtual-pixel HorizontalTile -background Black distort Polar '60,20 0,0 -60,60' repage polar_arc_g DePolar Distortion (Polar to Cartesian) This is essentially the inverse of a ' Polar ' distortion, and has exactly the same set of optional arguments.Here is another comparison between ' Perspective ' and ' BilinearForward using a very severe distortion of the built-in rose image.

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You also may need to use it if the virtual canvas and offset is not required.