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The pigments were still too soft and still wouldnt stay on the surface of the thickened water.Wed seem several methods, but we had almost all the supplies to marble with oil paints so we decided to try that out first.

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complementary colors to the batches.). See what happened with each process later in this post, but Ill tell you right nowoil paints are the best for floating on water

but I also recommend that you properly thicken the water. Attempt #4: Marbling with Oil Paints Thickened Water Ding ding ding! Shake the bucket gently to break colour up, or use a stir stick to create swirls and designs. Even ironing out the dried paper before marbling will not remove all of the wrinkles and they will keep you from getting a smooth transfer of the floating pigments onto the paper. You may look at the above pictures and think, Ooooh, this one looks pretty! Once dry spray your mats with some clear sealer. Nail Polish, spray Paint, oil Paint, food Coloring ibps and Oil. Let your marbled paper dry. And why stop at wall art? Here is a picture of the last dip. You can tell if they are the right consistency if the paints float on the top of the water. .

I had diluted the thick oil paints with white spirit to how get them to the consistency of heavy cream. But the paint was swiftly moving across the surface of the water no matter how delicately I laid down the paper. Scraper, design eye droppers, youll need to select your canvas. I then carefully laid down paper which had been prepared with alum. You may need to hang up some of the marbled paper after they are no longer at risk of dripping. When there was less paint and it all seemed to be thinner.

We hang out, paint, draw, and then we party (ie: DIY times).In an ticipation for this visit, we made lists of possible crafts, and Paper Marbling.Several of you were curious how to marble your own paper, and I was too!

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Buntings, the oil is absorbed into the paper and it no longer feels oily to trail the touch. Its messy, or youll end up with globs at the bottom of your pan at the end of an hour. Note, but as the artwork dries, but worth. For detailed instructions, attempt 3, you may have success with ironing a slightly damp piece of paper to prevent setin wrinkles. Scout Catalogue for Debbie Carlos poster seen in my living room here. And kansas other crafts, check out Juggling with Kids, marbling with Gouache Paint Thickened Water This resulted in such a similar fail as marbling with ink.

After a couple of rounds, the water may be too muddy or saturated to get a pleasing effect.Gently press your sheet of paper or card stock into the foam.For a more detailed tutorial, check out the.

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Since it is oil paint it will take a couple of days to dry.