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Human systemic effects by ingestion and inhalation: abdominal pain, headache, cough, nausea, vomiting, pulmonary, kidney and liver changes.Monitor for respiratory distress.

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conditions and methods of use assure that the chemical is used safely. This following section describes the typical properties of Oceanic HW443, if any variations of these limits are

required, these can be supplied. Oceanic, hW443 fluids ). Pressure Bar oceanic HW 443 SG v pressure.09 Specific Gravity.08.07.06. Avoid less resistant paints as they soften. Falex test procedure would behave in similar fashion when tested on valves, and subsequent field experience has been found to support this. Testing done for fssl on three materials used in their valves showed there is no corrosion with Ferralium SD40, 316 S11 Stainless Steel and Monel K500. However toxicity literature surveys have been conducted on the ingredient(s) in section. Vapor pressure volatile, unknown Unknown, boiling point melting point, unknown N/A. For further recommendations, technical information, Health Safety datasheets, OEM or environmental approvals, email us). We would not be concerned about the fluid stability even with 20 seawater contamination. Flush residue with plenty of water to chemical drain. Subsea Production Control Fluid, general Description, oceanic HW443 has been specifically developed for use in higher temperature wells and is also highly recommended for closed loop blow out preventors (BOP). Oceanic, hW443R, clear Fluorescent Red fluid. -25 (-13 C F). Section 5 :- first AID data 1 Take the victim immediately to the nearest eyewash or shower. Safety Regulatory Compliance Department, based paper upon publicly available reference information. The wear that takes place during this toilet period is measured, as is the torque on the test pin. Unusual fire explosion When heated to decomposition, toxic fumes are emitted. Discharge Into Marine Environments Discharge.K. Results For Oceanic HW443 The Oceanic HW443 gave good lubrication results with little metal removal. If clothing is contaminated, remove clothing and thoroughly wash the affected body area. Iata Cls/Sub Cls miscellaneous UN/NA# Pkg Grp If Qty less than RQ: III 000000 If Qty equal or greater than RQ: UN3082 export license MAY BE required TO export this product section 12 :- general storage data storage temperature : Maximum: 120F.8C Minimum: N/A. This testing follows the parcom guidelines and is available in the form of the hocnf.

CR, chemtrec spill control AND recovery Soak up into inert absorbent material. For lubrication herald of the mating surfaces of critical components such as shear seal valves chemistry Email. Free Fluid Monitoring ensures long service life.

Study the, material safety data sheets for the hazards of the chemical, learn the instructions on handling, storage and the emergency measures in case of accident.Take our free online course to learn how to to properly apply and use your.

We cannot guarantee that these are the can i use micron pen on bristol paper only hazards which exist. The condition of the surface of the test components is also reviewed. Seek medical attention immediately, may cause irritation to the skin. Corrosion Resistance Oceanic HW443 has been fully tested with all common metals used in the offshore industry for crevice and galvanic protection. Provided that the usage rate does not research paper on foreign direct investment exceed 1000 tonnes per annum per installation. Although certain hazards are described herein.

There was no change in any of these properties with Oceanic HW443.If skin irritation develops, contact a physician.Storage, oceanic, hW443 fluids should be stored in dry conditions, ideally out of direct sunlight.

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Lubrication and Anti-Wear Properties Falex Lubricant Test The Falex Lubricant Tester is a well-established method for evaluating the lubricating performance of fluids.