Taste of Mysore: Obbattu /Holige

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Heat tawa, pour one spoon oil and cook this  obbattu in a low flame.Chiroti Rava (fine semolina)- 2tbsp, salt - a pinch, water - enough to make soft dough.

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a soft dough using water. Otherwise, the mixture will get burnt quickly. There was time when my ajji and amma told us, if you can master the skill of

making obbattu/Holige you have graduated from your cooking school. I prefer cooking them on stove top to avoid overcooking. Drain all excess water and mash ansfer it into a nonstick pan add jaggery to it and cook it on medium flame. We need a lot of patience. Reverse the dough and press it lightly. Making it is a very difficult task. Cover the utensil with a wet cloth. The puran or purnam for obbattu is ready now. Keep aside for at least one hour to make soft holiges. So, this dish is equivalent to final exam paper of my mom's kitchen school. Turn it over and roast on other side. The soft dough is called kanaka. Place stuffing towns in the center, like this :. This step is not necessary, if you are using a tilter / grinder. Turmeric 2 pinches. Wait for 1-2 minutes.

Chana dal 1 cup, oil 1 tbsp, turmeric a pinch semolina e thaksalawa grade 6 past papers optional 2 tsp. Method of Preparation, hot to make the filling Hoorana. Wash and soak channa dal for about atleast 4 hrs and cook in pressure cooker adding enough water. Add 23 tablespoons of oil, separate the water from the dal. Salt as required, knead the dough, set aside the mixture to cool. Here is your share how do you do a science fair research paper if virtual treat.

Obbattu Patted with hand and they are thick and are smaller in diameter Holige Rolled with a rolling pin and.Making Obbattu : You need:.Rolling pin (apply oil to the rolling pin).

Obbattu paper

I normally use banana leaf obbattu paper to make obbattu. After sometime it becomes thick, nonsticky paper paper with plastic lining. Use as little water as possible. Drain the water completely, elaichi Powder1tsp, salt 1 pinch. Maida 34 cup, chana DalSenaga pappu1cup, for Dough.

Place one ball of the filing in the center of the dough.Oil-1cup or more depends on requirement.

Obbattu recipe bele obbattu puran poli holige recipe Sweet Boli

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Toor dal, jaggery / unrefined sugar, cardamom powder, maida, fine rava / chiroti rava are the main ingredients of the holige recipe.