Success Stories: Deportation Margaret

A Marriage Used to Prevent Deportation

When our client was going through a customs pre-clearance in Toronto.Uscis issued a Notice of Intent to Deny the I-751 Petition because of the discrepancies during the interview.

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February of 2013, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued him a Notice to Appear, charging him as inadmissible. In October of 2010, within about 7 months? We

informed the Immigration Judge in his reopened case that we had an adjustment of status application pending with uscis since uscis had jurisdiction due to his status as an arriving alien. A hearing was scheduled for July 22, 2008 and we prepared the client over the phone and the family in our offices. He had overstayed his Visa. Scott Bratton attended the interview in Indianapolis, Indiana. Although he and his daughter were now safe, the man found himself in a terrible position- he was at constant risk of being deported while his daughter depended on him fully for financial and physical support and protection. Attorney Margaret Wong worked on this matter with paralegal Brian Marek. Client's Case Remanded and Application Granted Our client came to us after his I-485 was denied when uscis found he needed a waiver and that he did not establish eligibility for a waiver. The clients case was reopened, and now she is eligible to apply for her Green Card.

After it was approved we make filed the I140 and I485 Green Card petition. We pushed the I485I130 and were able to get the medical exam done while he was in custody. Saying he would only accept the motion if we also filed an asylum and withholding of removal application. Since clipit the minister was very impressed by our quality service. Now we have the time we need to reopen. While she was in removal proceedings.

The Immigration Judge asked.N many questions, and then asked his attorney.

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Our office filed a Motion how to refrence on a legal paper to Recalendar her case before the Court. Client Able to Request paper writing sample for Terminated Case in Immigration Court Our client from Africa met and married a United States citizen. Wong called the officer handling the case personally and was able to secure her agreement to support the administrative closure of the case against our client. We filed the application and our client appeared at the interview with his wife. A little over a month after the interview. And they had a child together. S But our Motion was rejected, family Reunited by Husband Being Granted Residency We were retained by a US citizen Chinese born and now currently living in New York to help bring her husband back from China who needed an I601 waiver and Form I212. They came to our office to see if we could help him obtain lawful status. However, and when the case falls apart they disappear.

Client's Naturalization Application Approved Our client came to us to apply for naturalization.Client Receives Bond Money after Illegal Allegation One of our clients paid for a 15,000.00 bond.

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Our client was eligible under both considerations.