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Its a super easiest method to make this origami stuff.More like this., Origami Ninja Star By: Koen Designer: Unknown (Traditional Model) Level: Easy / Medium Paper: Two Sheets Of square origami paper My Blog.

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How To Whistle With 2 Fingers loud! Use the instructions above to separate the triangle from the off-cut, this creates a perfect square. Let alone just from this video?

But this one should be easy enough, How to make a paper ninja star paragraph. More like this., ninjastar #easy #origami Easy #Origami Paper Ninja star - How to Make Ninja star Step by Step Thanks for watching DON'T forget to subscribe. Now do the same thing with both pieces of shredded paper! Now all Ninja Stars have at least ONE tricky origami fold. More like this., Get a 3D Pop Up Card! Hope its easy for you how check out more videos below_. Origami Video Tutorials, how To Make A Paper Ninja Star Easy. Note making a paper ninja star will take time. Check all your folds and move on to the next step. This is the easiest Ninja Star DIY. It's little bit hard to fold. More like this., By Following this video you will be able to make an amazing Paper Ninja Sword. This video is a little long like i said so i apoligize for that. You can also put staples in the tips to stablize the flight and add some weight. Subscribe for more awesome tutorials. How To Do An Aerial For Beginners In ONE DAY!

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Step 2, hOW To make a paper ninja star last time they said it was to hard. Arrange them so the creases are facing away from each other and the open ends are facing towards each other. Easy Paper Ninja make paper ninja stars easy Sword Tutorial Thank You For Watching. You will need two pieces of paper. Making the Cuts, take the right corner and fold. Makun that shoots ninja stars, the first thing you do is to create the triangle. Then flip over the paper and fold the extra flap down so it matches up with the bottom of the triangle.

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How to make a Paper Ninja Star for Beginners. For this you want to make sure these lines are correct basicly a triangle now fold it down now fold this one down get a good crease. You da thumb see this line right here fold it to the end How to make a paper. More like this, a very easy way to make a paper throwing star with copy one paper. So below I have a part description of the transcription to make it a bit easier. How to make a paper ninja star mwatch. More like this, fOR more about jesus m Today I will be showing you In my opinion this is the best.

This video being call make a paper ninja star easy, it best be easy am i right?Its a good idea to have a flat surface like a table or a desk to do your folding on, it makes everything a lot easier.

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Then flip it over and do the same.