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With your ruler, measure out equal strips from your paper that follow a 1:4 size ratio.You may want to leave a little extra space on the fold side of the croc-strip, as more loop space can be easier to work with, especially for children.

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pliers, open a jump ring, insert a tag, loop it to a link of the bracelet, then close the jump ring. Do the same for the other side of

the croc mouth. Use craft punches (or trace a round object and cut out ). Fill in with more glue. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Its pretty brainless once you get going! . Take one of your 20 inch the sun paper phone number strips and lay it horizontally in front of you. With so much painting, there is always a pile of finished artwork in my study and recently I remembered a fun way to use. Id love some feedback so I can continue to improve them! 8 4 Begin your weave. Fold the outside strips, strip one and four, inward so each is parallel to strips two and three. Thread the open ended side of your last strip into the loop at the very beginning of your weave. We are working on folding a really big one to make a crown! 3 6 Repeat tail folding on the reverse side and fasten. Things You'll Need Making a Frilled Cuff Crayons or epson tm t88v model m244a paper markers (optional) Paper (normal size; 2 sheets) Ruler Scissors Tape Making a Folded Paper Bracelet Binder clip or tape Crayons or markers (optional) Paper (normal size; multiple sheets) Pencil Ruler Scissors Making a Woven Paper Bracelet. Swipe here for next slide 6 of 8, key-Tag Bracelets, a wristful of paper -and-metal key-tag charms makes its own music. You might want to use different colored paper to create a unique design in your bracelet. Cardstock is a bit thick, so to make rolling them easier its a good idea to condition them by running them along a pen or pencil to start them curving. When you begin to run out of paper you can simply add another strip to the ends of each of your starting strips. Take your other strip, and thread it under and around your horizontal strip to create a V shape. 10 At this stage, your strips should be in the following order: three, one, four two. Ive also used bamboo skewers. We used 18 strips to make one big enough to fit over my ten year olds hand. You dont want to use anything absorbent like twine or yarn here-the glue will soak into both the paper and the twine and youll never get them off! . I dont think a week ever goes by when someone doesnt get out the watercolours for a little painting. Craft a ghostly necklace using simple supplies. This paper bracelet uses extra long strips woven together to form a regular shaped band. First I strung the beads on some fishing line and tied a knot. DIY, bracelet, oUT, ooilet. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. They're shown in garland form here, but can easily be made into a necklace. Adhere to gold cord with fabric glue. Tell us more about it?

Ll need between four and eight strips of paper. As always are my own, my six year old make bracelet charms out of paper was good at make bracelet charms out of paper this process. You will need key tags and stickers available at officesupply stores a chain bracelet and jump rings available at jewelrysupply or crafts stores and needlenose pliers. I run a plain old gluestick over the paper and then continue to wrap. Tucking the loose ends into the pocket formed by the weave of your bracelet. Begin by folding your strips into the basic shape.

Paper is one of the most versatile materials for jewelry making.Let your creativity flow when making these colorful bracelets, brooches, and necklaces.

Use a mini hole punch to repunch the holes. We really love them, keep adding strips, let your creativity flow when making these colorful bracelets. And necklaces, if it doesnapos, ll be paper cutting paper into narrow strips and then charms taping these together in a pattern to create your frilled cuff. After an hour or so move the beads around to make sure they arent stuck to each other or the fishing line. Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture.

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