Paper Bag Lion Puppet

Paper Bag Lion Puppet Arty Crafty Kids

Have the child draw straight lines and color the lion. .A great rainy-day art project.Add this to the end of the tigers tail.

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for how the puppet should look when complete. Glue the other half circle (template 3) onto the back of the paper bag so the edge lines up with the

first half circle (to form a complete circle for the lion's mane). Instead of painting, you could trace the bag onto a piece of yellow construction paper and glue it onto the back. . Look at your paper bag. . Cut out and glue onto the front of the paper bag. Cut a small piece of yellow paper and add slits to create the appearance of a furry tuft. 1st grade Arts crafts lion Activity Tiger Paper Bag Puppet Worksheet Tiger Paper Bag Puppet This paper tiger needs some help finding his voice! For more Big Cat inspiration, take a look at our curly-maned Paper Plate Lion and Mixed-Media Newspaper Lion. Combine the "Letter l" bag with the Bible story. 1st grade Arts crafts Worksheet Walrus Paper Bag Puppet Worksheet Walrus Paper Bag Puppet Meet Marvin, the paper walrus! The stars are His handiwork too oo oo (Hold hands above head and make stars with fingers) (Repeat Chorus), going on a "Lion" Hunt, abcjlm Activities and Crafts. 1st grade Arts crafts Worksheet Puppy Paper Bag Puppet Worksheet Puppy Paper Bag Puppet Your child will make his own paper puppy puppet. Through the Bible Felt : pg 143-144, veggie Tales: Wheres God When I am Scared?

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Make sure you glue the lion cardstock onto the side that the square bottom flaps. Lift the flippy tab up a bit. Optional wrap some wool around your fingers to make a tassel. This Paper Bag Tiger Puppet is easy to make and will inspire playful minds. Did you know that you can now have our crafts delivered to your door. Is also available in our Arty Crafty Kids Club Members Area. And many others, weapos, and well also keep you posted about other crafts. Sign up to our Arty Crafty Kids Club newsletter. Follow the link to collect all our. Lio" manualidad en español by Leanne Guenther.

Paper Bag Puppet Animals, black Marker, brown or orange wool. Re carrying your lunch around, s a flippy tab which is typically the bottom of the bag when youapos yellow orange or brown felt, lift the flapsnout and glue the tongue on underneath. And utep make an animal puppet, and then down, finish off with a pair of eyes. We homework love interactive crafts at Arty Crafty Kids and believe that craft and play come handinhand.

Lion Craft Paper Bag Puppet or Craft Stick Puppet

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