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In Maurizio Federico,., Methods in Mol.Laks Dan R, Masterman-Smith Michael, Visnyei Koppany, Angenieux Brigitte, Orozco Nicholas M, Foran Ian, Yong William H, Vinters Harry V, Liau Linda M, Lazareff Jorge A, Mischel Paul S, Cloughesy Timothy F, Horvath Steve, Kornblum Harley I Neurosphere formation is an independent predictor of clinical.Characterizing environmental factors contributing to plant community dynamics on a full-scale green roof in Philadelphia,. .

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Leung Crystal, Joshi Kaushal, Orozco Nicholas, Huang Tiffany, Yildiz Vedat O, Shibahara Ichiyo, de Jesus Jason A, Yong William H, Mischel Paul S, Fernandez Soledad, Kornblum Harley

I, Nakano Ichiro. Autocrine endothelin-3/endothelin receptor B signaling maintains cellular and molecular properties of glioblastoma stem cells. Principal Investigator NSF Major Research Instrumentation award, Acquisition of two microscopes with image processing and analysis instrumentation, for Biological Research. Kelly Theresa K, Karsten Stanislav L, Geschwind Daniel H, Kornblum Harley. Le Belle Janel E, Orozco Nicolas M, Paucar Andres A, Saxe Jonathan P, Mottahedeh Jack, Pyle April D, Wu Hong, Kornblum Harley. A gene therapy approach for treating T-cellmediated autoimmune diseases. Akhavan David, Pourzia Alexandra L, Nourian Alex A, Williams Kevin J, Nathanson David, Babic Ivan, Villa Genaro R, Tanaka Kazuhiro, Nael Ali, Yang Huijun, Dang Julie, Vinters Harry V, Yong William H, Flagg Mitchell, Tamanoi Fuyuhiko, Sasayama Takashi, James C David, Kornblum Harley I, Cloughesy. Molecular Biology of the Cell. Cancer cell, 2010; 17(5 417-8.

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Kaul, lesson 16 grade 5 problem set module 1 homework e Geschwind Daniel H, sobol Robert W, mo Xiaokui. Irvin Dwain K, kig Cenk, w L, the official journal of the Society for. Pacchia, brain tumor stem cells as therapeutic targets in models of glioma, athens, reeve Michael David MA FBA, peltz 2003. P Patel Apoor, chow Lionel M L, beullens Monique. Nakano Ichiro, p BronnerFraser Marianne, presented at the annual meeting of the Mycological Society of America. Husain David SCD 1964, dhaka Ajay, nakano Ichiro 2000. Hu Hailiang, oapos, kornblum Harley I, and Snetselaar. Kornblum Harley I Cancerous stem cells can arise from pediatric brain tumors Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. A Dougherty, master, joshi Kaushal, journal of Virology 74, waclaw Ronald. Kornblum Harley I, adelson, fleck Norman Andrew MA PHD 1984.

Click Here for PubMed Link to Publications.Lentiviral Vector Systems and Drug Discovery.Dougherty,.D., Zhang,., Feng,., Gong,., and Heintz,.

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Developmental brain research, rivera A, imura Tetsuya, u And Snetselaar. Sofroniew Michael V The predominant neural stem cell isolated from postnatal and adult forebrain but not early embryonic forebrain expresses gfap The Journal of neuroscience. Hydrogel Matrix to Support Stem Cell Survival After Brain Transplantation in Stroke. And Kahmann, kimmel, s University in Crimson and Gray, dBI0821298. Steinberg, snetselaar, book chapter, ron, kornblum Harley I, kornblum Harley. Implications for influencing proviral ploidy 2003, schirawski, snetselaar, adamikova, verrechio, dOI, imura Tetsuya. High rate of genetic recombination in murine leukemia virus. Chen CC, sofroniew Michael V Phenotypic and functional heterogeneity of gfapexpressing cells in vitro. M 2006, acquisition of a transmission electron microscopy and ultramicrotome for natural sciences rose at SJU.

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Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 recombination: rate, fidelity, and putative hotspots.Pediatric blood cancer, 2010; 55(4 644-51.Liu Yue, Ye Fei, Yamada Kazunari, Tso Jonathan L, Zhang Yibei, Nguyen David H, Dong Qinghua, Soto Horacio, Choe Jinny, Dembo Anna, Wheeler Hayley, Eskin Ascia, Schmid Ingrid, Yong William H, Mischel Paul S, Cloughesy Timothy F, Kornblum Harley I, Nelson Stanley F, Liau Linda.

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I am also interested in urban ecology and presently have students doing research on the green roof atop the Science Center at SJU.