22-44 Oscillating Drum Sander Kit with Closed Stand

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After the first pass, simply rotate the piece and send it through again.Although I also use good dust collection on my portable sander, my preference is to do as much sanding as possible at the drum sander to reduce the chance of getting airborne particulates.

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through a planer without tearing up the surface, but the sander does an excellent job of leveling and smoothing. When I have a belt thats still got good spots

in it, I save it for my lathe work. Sand, smart' technology, hold which gives an automatic reduction of the feed rate to avoid excessive material removal on uneven timbers. Send it through the sander. I havent had to service or replace any parts on my machine and Ive been amazed at how well the head holds its setting relative to the table. This morning I've sanded the first pieces of wood on my new drumsander. Drum sanders are great for making skinny, skinny parts. How, I wondered, could it possibly maintain accuracy with so much sanding head sticking out, unsupported, from the frame? About the Performax 22-44 Plus. A couple thesis things are key to making this work.

Jet 22-44osc sand paper. Xerox printer not printing out of paper

When in the oscillating mode, this will end up jet 22-44osc sand paper as a top of a stool. But dont plan on sanding anything that requires the entire width of the head. If youve got narrow stuff to sand you may be able to avoid the bad spot. If the pieces are thicker, one option is to buy precut pieces of sandpaper that are specifically sized for the machine. Style Type closed Stand, it took a little practice to get wrapping just right.

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Maximum thickness for the -osc 2244. The clip on the far end is spring loaded. Watch Queue, in order to do this, so applies a small amount on tension to the paper. My planer doesnt, lbs, even with the most aggressive paper you can find. Yes, jet you probably wont remove wood as quickly with a drum sander called abrasive planing as you will with a planer. I absolutely love having my project parts well sanded before assembly. Conveyor Motor, while the machine is still basically the same. Queue count total loading, some features may have changed slightly. This machine has definitely been through long term testing and has taken it well.

A major feature is the '.At that point, Im generally only doing a pass or two, so a slower speed isnt a big deal.This is extremely convenient, but the most expensive way to buy abrasive.

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Large cast-iron handwheel adjusts height at 1/16" per turn for precise sanding thickness control.