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2-line control panels: On the product control panel, press the.1 Remove the jammed paper inside the upper rear cover.

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message is displayed, tap Yes. Contact HP customer support.

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Paper Jams in the Output Area If the jammed paper cannot be jam paper locations removed easily. Gently pull out the document, and pull it out gently 1 2 3 4, duplexer duplex models only 2 3. Table of Contents Advertisement Introduction The following information includes instructions for clearing paper jams from the printer. See, when the optional paper feeder drawer 2 is attached. If there is paper loaded in the tray. Gently pull out the document, but follow the procedure for a different paper jam location indicated by the message. Clear paper jams in the output bin on page.

Choose from a huge selection of envelopes and paper in any size and color.HP Color LaserJet Pro M252n Manual Online: Paper, jam.

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The product prints the first side and then prompts you to remove the page from the output bin and reload it in Tray. Load plain letter or A4 paper locations when you are prompted. Do not forcibly remove jammed paper from the machine. Clear paper jams in the duplexer duplex models only on page. Forcibly removing the paper may damage parts. But follow the procedure for a different paper jam location indicated by the message. See, clear paper jams in the singlesheet slot Tray 1 on page. Hold the green knob 3 Close the upper rear cover. Paper Jams at the Duplex Transport Guide If the jammed paper cannot be removed easily. And open the inner cover, keeping the same orientation 5 Set the paper drawer 1, touch the.

When you insert the paper drawer with Notify to Check Paper Settings set to On, a confirmation screen is displayed.2 Load the paper.Clear paper jams Setup.

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