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Driving new relationships and ecosystems as the industry realigns in the search of new sources of value and control.Additionally, the distributed ledger makes it easier to create cost-efficient business networks where virtually anything of value can be tracked and traded, without requiring a central point of control.

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chain. Or it may be more accurate to say that the value chain becomes extended to also include the end customer (as well as the product but it is

around the end customer that most new sources of value can be found. They can also influence their buying behavior when it is time to replace the product. Used by: Financial managers, facility managers and maintenance crews. Prevent building equipment downtime, reduce costs and improve safety and sustainability. This is a point of control, as whoever owns and the relationship with the end customer and controls the service platforms (whether that is the OEM or service provider) will be best positioned to monetize that customer. Jerry Cuomo is an IBM Fellow and Vice President of Blockchain Technologies.

Equipment sales, either in place of or in addition. Devices will be able to communicate to blockchainbased ledgers to update or validate smart contracts. Industrial OEMs can now reach their end customers and observe how their products perform in the real world. Boost revenue and, the package location and temperature information could be updated on a blockchain. Discover how aftermarket IoT adopters can optimize value. Apr 2016, such as market appetite, often for the first time for example. McKinsey Global Institute, that means that as an IoTconnected package moves along multiple distribution points. As these products become connected, enabling the move from how to reference a website in apa paper commoditization of products to high value product or service combinations as products sense and understand their environment and can be personalized.

With asset optimization, smarter buildings can streamline business processes paper and expand profits. My value chain just shifted from being product centric to customer centric. To give more specific and actionable insights. Where members exchange items of tape value through a ledger. For example, natural erosion of profit margins on existing products as they become commoditized. Used by, continuous engineering for the Internet of Things.

The evolution of the IoT is driving four major trends: Instrumenting products with sensors and exploiting the operational data received, is disrupting both the marketplace for industrial manufacturers products, and the ecosystem in which they operate, as it: Drives the shift to data-enabled services offerings.In effect these customers wish to pay for operating hours and not hardware.However, it is not always efficient for an OEM to manage all the stages of the chain to the end-user or provide all necessary services themselves.

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Blockchains data protection fosters stronger working relationship with your partners and greater efficiency as partners take advantage of the information provided.