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Not sure if it the rail is there for scope purposes, but a standard set of 3/8" rings fit, well, sort of, but enough to see what the HW could do with a red dot.Finally, I would get a chance to play with one!This is one sweet shooting air pistol.

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R10 pellets and 10 shots on the left with the red dot. Stretching 11 inches from end to end and weighing about two-and-one-third pounds, the HW75 looks very

much like the HW45/Beeman. The stippled anatomical grip has a built-in palm rest and hand filling contour for complelte control over every shot. Then cock the hammer back take of safety and aim and then fire. If you are looking for a match accurate pistol, a multi-adjustable two-stage trigger and absolutely no recoil - the HW75 is everything you need. The absolutely superb trigger on the HW 75 doesn't hurt, either. It is also ambidextrous, great news for left handed pistol shooters! The price tag isn't too far off a budget grade 1911, either, but then, the build quality and construction are right there with a good 1911, too. Terms of Use, free Pellets, add any 4 tins to your cart 1 will be free. It is an offense for anyone under the age of 14 to own, hire or buy an air gun. That does mean less power for the HW 75, but it also means NO recoil for the HW 75 and that makes for a very accurate gun when shooting at 10 meters. But the HW75, which (according to Beeman literature) was originally designed as a prototype when the P1 was being developed, has a single-stroke pneumatic powerplant in a frame that is as robust as that of the. I started shooting with the iron sights at 10 meters from the bench and then decided to add a red dot to the top of the HW because it does have a grooved rail. Monday, February 23, 2009, ever since I saw my first Beeman catalog some years ago, there has been one pistol that has tickled my curiosity: the. As soon as dealers got them in stock, they would sell out, and a waiting list would build up for the next shipment. The overall effect is that the HW75 is both solid and refined. The final step (besides flicking off the safety) is to cock the hammer by pulling it back. Truly is gorgeous lovely to shoot highly accurate tested against Webley Alectro/Gamo Compact/HW40/Beeman 2004e and this is far more clinical. This produces supreme accuracy through its totally recoilless firing university cycle. My first impression of the HW75 is that it is amazingly well built. If you are accustomed to shooting single-stroke pneumatic pistols, the action of the HW45/P1 may drive you nuts. HW75 (formerly called the Beeman P2). Weight.06.3lbs Length 28cm 11inches.

So it was up to me to do my thing and return the aforementioned HW75 with All Due Haste. HW45P1 many times, next, and POP, recently. The Oracle review This is a gorgeous pistol simply push button at rear pull the barrel rail outwards. It is an offense to shoot an airgun beyond the boundaries english of private land. Our air pistols are perfect for all levels of shooters. But I am quite confident that this gun can do a 50 for a score. Though, but wouldnt you know it there was a catch.

The, hW75 is a match pistol that s suitable for informal matches, plinking and casual target shooting.It s a great way to practice trigger control and holding a gun.

Both these pistols resemble a cat 1911 Colt automatic on steroids. Weihrauch HW75 SSP Pistol, cO2, categories, hunting. Brands, show More, you are guaranteed to find the right gun at the best price here at Airgun Depot. Depending upon the weight of the pellet. Popular categories, for those of you that are familiar with the Beeman PI made by Weihrauch for Beeman the HW 75 looks darn familiar. A multiadjustable twostage trigger and absolutely no recoil the HW75 is everything you need. Getting ready to shoot the HW75 is straightforward. As you do so, the overlever does have dovetail grooves. Whether you are a beginner or competitor air pistol shooter. You will be compressing air in the singlestroke pneumatic powerplant.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.The grips, after all, are designed for a one hand hold used in formal bullseye competition.

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Press it in fully and at the same time grasp the grooves on either side of the receiver just forward of the rear sight and lift upward.