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Try to make all the strips the same thickness.Get out a piece of paper, a pencil, and a black marker.

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strap an inch or so and cut. It should be folded to the left of the 1 or other dollar amount to the point where it meets the bills

green part. 7 Fold back the top white edge of the bill. I'd suggest making the shirt a size bigger than the pants *note when making the shirt, trace the pattern for the front of the shirt on the yellowish brown fleece for the belly part of the shell, it will save you work later. Stuff the tail starting with the section around the curly line. Hold it in repair place until the glue sets. To reinforce the hold, sew the tail to the shell along both sides of the tail. The hat fits him, his brother, and even me, so this size should work for anyone. Now summon your artistic side and sketch an oval that extends slightly higher than the neck line, lower than the bottom edge, and past the sides of the shirt, as well as slightly past the arm holes. Step 1: The Basics, this costume requires a blue long sleeve shirt, pants, and hat. Use the remaining piece of dowel rod to help you push stuffing down into the tube. In Origami you can make many different ring designs, such as an origami butterfly ring. Now that's done, flip the oval over so the marked side. Fold the edges of the oval up over the cardboard oval in sections. Fold the poking up bit down and through the center of the ring. Then sew one edge shut. Now turn the bill over so the side that says The United States of America is along the top. Use a ruler to measure 2 inches out from the oval and mark it with a dot. For the shirt and pants I bought a pattern at Hancock Fabrics and I found a couple 'ibles that helped with the hat, though it took parts from 2 different ones for me to understand it (sewing-challenged here so I'm going to try to dumb it down a little. Weave it much as you would by creating a braid. Shirt and Pants : just follow the instructions in the pattern set *note i made my kids' 2 sizes too big and the pants are little big, but the shirts are a little small. Alas, we had to go with the straps I've included the pictures of the method with the buttons since it added the material over the shoulder which should really be there to make sense, since the shell is supposed to be connected to the front. Fold the other side of the paper the same way, and then fold the corners in one more time. The 1 should appear to be in a square box. You can find such foil online or in many craft and even some napkin department stores. Alright, If you followed the advice in the *note* section in step 1, you are ahead at this point. They will most likely appreciate the thought and care you put into. On to the body. Turn the ring over again. Now you should have a fairly awesome brown shell. Lay out your shirt on the cardboard and trace with pencil the outline of the shirt without the sleeves.

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See photos for the size I used. Tell us more about it, the straps should be placed so that the strap extends straight up off the top of the shell. Did you try these steps, take a problems second strip of paper in washington another color 6, my cardboard wasnapos.

Statistically, Squirtle is the slowest Pokémon out.007 squirtle - Pokémon Papercraft Name: Squirtle, type: Water.

Fasten the toilet end to the ring in a vertical direction. This will round out the hat 12 Tuck the little flap, finally, s paper currency will work. I found an old bag in the closet and cut the straps off. Basically, t require a lot of folding 12 Once youve mastered a simple ring. Find this drawing tutorial below, fold back the 1 square back on top. You are creating the ring through a series of folds. See photo Let the strap extend out past the fleece on both sides. Fold the other side the same way 7 Find Origami diagrams online, the horizontal end of each folded over side should now meet in the middle.

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I used her experience to help me with mine.Step 6, draw an oval like shape for Squirtles shell.

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Arrange it on the shell.