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They are a traditional.A number of stripes depends on width and length of a piece of paper.

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make a Pinwheel, how to, make a Translation Tessellation, how to, make a Zoetrope. When you're done, you should have one tail of paper coming out of each point

of the star. Flip the paper over. And, of course, this activity can be interesting and relaxing. Arrange the paper strips so that each tail lines up with the two points of its matching color. Do not pull too hard or you will rip the paper. The Stars from this video are made from paper. Repeat until you have four strips that are this length. Begin making the points on the star. For kids especially, learning how to fold Froebel stars is a lesson in arts and crafts, mathematics, and holiday history. How to, make a Human Skeleton out of Paper. For example, make a stripe of the following size: width 1cm, length 29cm. If you dont have such a long sheet of paper, use two stripes. Arrange the strips so they look like the photo below. With this easy technique, you can transform tissue paper into pretty pieces of art. Use the same technique you just learned to make the points on the back side. Flip your paper over and rotate it so the blue strips are on the bottom door left side. Your German Christmas star is now complete.

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Stand the triangle up on end. Make a Paper Pyramid, gary how to make a german paper star Vaynerchuk goes through the white grape that has his attention these days. How to, and carefully slip the strip through the strip that is directly to the right.

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But your folded paper stars can also add a nice personal touch to a gift or decorate your dinner table 2005 Reinhold Haart Spatlese Wintricher Ohligsberg Riesling. D have thought that crumpled paper was good for anything but the trashcan. These stars make lovely Christmas star tree decorations. German Christmas stars are made from four long strips of paper woven together in a pattern that creates an eight point star. Begin working how on the reverse side of your German star.

The star begins with a simple basket weave formation.You dont need a square piece of paper.

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You will need to create four more points for the star using the same technique you used in Step 3 and Step 4 of the previous section.