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Use pieces of scrapbook paper to make your chandelier.Materials Needed green paper scissors glitter glue (red, gold, blue) glue metallic silver paint (or silver glitter glue) a small piece of ribbon pencil.

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Campean Petru Razvan. Step 5, decorate the tree using glitter glue. Beads to make tassel, general crafting supplies, instructions. Step 6, take the ribbon and fold it in two

then glue it on top of the tree and the ornament is ready. Make a 3D paper medicine ball or kusudama! Crease well, then make a valley fold where the mountain fold is indicated. The chandelier is now finished and ready for you to enjoy! Decorate one side of the paper (if it is folded, decorate the inside) with stamps and other embellishments as required. Check out our other, christmas Crafts. Fold the paper into thirds, then cut as needed to make three individual rectangles. It could also be used. Turn your paper back to the original position. Christmas ornament or a holiday gift tag. Fold the corner of each pleat up to make a small triangle. Technorati Tags: Christmas crafts, xmas crafts, Christmas activities, xmas activities, December crafts, Holiday crafts, Holiday activities, ornaments, ornament crafts, Christmas Ornaments crafts, Christmas tree ornaments, paper ornaments. There economics are a number of ways that this project can be adapted.

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Making more pieces, and, ll want to start well in advance of the holiday season. Step 3 000 interlocking 3D origami units of various colors. The how to make a paper chinese dragon step by step traditional art of Japanese paper folding.

Children could brush a thin layer of silver glitter glue over the folded snowman. Rubber stamps, with the decorated side being on the inside. D simply prefer quantitative to stay nice and toasty indoors. Inside reverse folds are done by slightly opening the paper. Children who are making origami snowmen may wish to decorate the model using other craft economic materials. Attach a cord or ribbon to the top so the chandelier can be hung up to be displayed and add a tassel to the bottom for added interest. They will have so much fun decorating.

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Isnt this 3D Christmas Tree Ornament precious? .Most paper folders are familiar with inside reverse folds from learning how to fold a traditional origami crane.

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The lucky recipient would then simply need to glue the remaining side together to make their own chandelier.