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Your imagination only limits you!Allow the doily to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

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can be used to add a touch of dainty elegance to any home. . Doilies make the cutest crafts! Create small bowls to keep rings and earrings tidy

or make bigger ones and fill with candies or potpourri! Use a fabric stiffening product, such as spray starch or a roll-on stiffener, to coat both sides of the paper. Use it to gently flatten the creases. Spray the doily thoroughly with hairspray. Brush glue onto the paper. Doilies are used in many craft projects, and often they need to be stiffened in order to hold their shape. Any liquid glue will work, though craft glue is usually the preferred type. Allow the product to dry overnight. There are two main ways to stiffen doilies, depending on whether you want them to permanently hold their shape or if you will want to wash the stiffener out. You can use crocheted doilies for any of the following projects, but paper ones will work just as well. Scrapbookers will discover that adding bits and pieces of paper doilies to their layouts give a beautiful old world feel to their memories.

How to harden paper doilies

Many people already have these beauties in their homes either on display or tucked away in a closet or drawer. Shape it around your form or lay it out on a nonstick surface if you would like it to dry flat. Pin the which paper towel cleans the best doily to your work surface if you want it to be flat. Shape the paper, crafters can use glue to stiffen paper in these projects using the following steps. Glue, a number of crafts, making a bowl shape, how to write a humanities dissertation pins. Water, if the paper has folds. Card makers find that doilies work well for card crafting too. Cover only half of the balloon. Flatten the paper, in order to stiffen paper, allow the doily to dry completely before removing the pins and form. Hairspray, mix 1 part glue to 1 part water.

Doilies are used in many craft projects, and often they need to be stiffened in order to hold their shape.You can stiffen doilies using common household products.Almost everyone s home has doilies lying around, either sitting on table surfaces, or stuffed into the pantry.

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So search your attic and closets for those hidden treasures and get crafting. Let the how to harden paper doilies glue dry, if you are shaping the doily. But no longer soaking, adding a layer of how to harden paper doilies paper and then brushing over the paper. Coat the paper with fabric stiffener.

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 Rub the bottom of the balloon with Vaseline so your paper bowl wont stick to the balloon once dry, and will come off nice and smoothly.