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I missed a number of places on the design.I keep the points of the pins in the middle layer (batting).When quilting with.

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bottom thread to the top. If youve been wanting to use your walking foot for more than just straight lines, but have been reluctant to try free-motion quilting, this

method is for YOU! Unfold the freezer paper to reveal a freezer-paper pattern. From my experience stitching a pattern through paper is the easiest method of stitching a design because the lines are very visible. I took a break from the free-motion quilting and Ive stitched in the ditch to quilt all the colored blocks. There are several types of free-motion quilting, but put simply, free-motion quilting is when the quilter is moving the fabric and the feed-dogs are not. They have a large eye and I noticed that the thread does not break so often. You can lower the feed dogs on most newer machines or you can cover them in older machines. Maintenance of the sewing machine. I try not to be too compulsive. My name is, nancy Mahoney and Ive been making quilts for over 30 years. If the quilt top is large I layer it with batting and backing on the floor. Update: New Free Motion Quilting Free ebook available! So heres what Ive found as Ive quilted the quilt. Fold the freezer-paper square in half vertically, and then fold it in half horizontally to make crumpled tissue paper heart a 5 square. I used a fine-tip permanent marker on freezer paper to make my first pattern. Clean your sewing machine often. However, for the last 20 years or so, all of my quilts have been machine quilted. (I used a Mettler 30 weight variegated red thread so you could see the design.) Starting on a straight side of the pattern and using a locking stitch, slowly stitch along the edge of the freezer paper. I pin the paper onto the quilt sandwich. Finally, fold the 5 square in half diagonally to make a triangle, making sure the folded edges are aligned. The stencil was easy to trace. A simple design with gentle curves works best for this technique. I have the patterns in place for the next two blocks and hope to finish quilting this week. For this tip, Im using a sample quilt sandwich consisting of two 12 x 12 solid-colored fabric squares and a 12 square of American Spirit Batting by Fairfield, Superior Blend, 70 cotton/30 polyester. I must admit Im ready to move on to something else. After Id quilted for a while, the chalk markings were hard for me hand drawn maps on graph paper to see and I didnt do a good job. I pinned together 6 layers of freezer paper and stitched through all the layers with no thread in the needle. I made it using many of the tips shown here. Thread the top of the machine and use matching thread in the bobbin. Center the freezer-paper pattern on top of the quilt sandwich. If I have a busy pattern on top, the quilting will look nicer on the back than on the top. Here are some of them:.

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This pitt bioengineering phd is the most important thing. You can also pin a pattern in place and stitch through the pattern. The larger holes would make the freezer paper easier to tear away later. The next evening, quilting detail, too, i dont quilt aptos times paper with both hands on top of the quilt sandwich. If the quilt hangs off the edges of the table we work.

Some people like using a busy fabric on the back but I prefer to see the quilting. Here is an option, i outline the patches I want to enhance and I use stippling on the background. After I quilted the block, i spraybasted the layers using Sulky KK2000. Using a cottonpolyester blend gives the quilting a bit more loft. Or be careful to remove them all. The traced pattern pinned to layers of freezer paper. Your stitches will just about disappear in the ditch. When you are free no longer pulling on the fabric. I removed the paper with no problems.

I love using pins because I put them so quickly and I remove them equally.So this is the golden rule for easy free motion quilting : regardless of the size of the table we use (I use a small one we must keep the whole sandwich on the table at all times.

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And I always test its point: if it is dull and does not prick or it leaves a scratch on my fingernail it is time to change.