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See our juicing guide if you'd like to make your own.Did this summary help you?

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every experiment like this, you can find the recipe below. She resists eating bananas with all her might but fry them and shes all over them. If you're worried

about the fruit juice affecting the taste of the banana, you can dip the slices in soda water or club soda instead. It totally caught my eye and Ive been wanting to try it ever since I pinned. If your banana slices are already brown, all is not lost. For example, soda water and club soda are known for their ability to keep sliced fruit fresh. No, the small amount of lemon or lime juice that you will use should not affect the flavor. These are absolutely heaven on French toast. Definitely use a non stick pan. Heres a video demonstration including a couple tips to help you. We had high hopes for trying them in muffins or something but theyre so darn easy to pick up and eat, there were none left for anything else. Im not a fan of frying anything because of the mess but this was worth. It is perceived to be closer in taste to a Gros Michel banana due to that strain having a higher concentration of that chemical and fewer "volatile components" that are found in other bananas. There were quite a few recipes using honey, sugar or other ingredients, which sound delicious, but I was hoping for just plain bananas. How much lemon juice to use without changing the taste? Instead of brushing, try spritzing with a dollar store sprayer. Show more unanswered questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. 5 Gros Michel bananas were grown on massive plantations in Honduras, Costa Rica, and elsewhere in Central America. Your best bet will usually be a health food prawn store or a hardware store. Since banana slices turn brown when they are exposed to the oxygen in the air, keeping the fruit from physically touching the air will prevent the browning reaction from occurring. In this form, it is specifically used to keep fruit from discoloring as it stores. 2, however, there are many other juices that work well, including: Lime juice, orange juice, tinned pineapple juice. To those of you in less tropical climes, such variety seems like sheer madness and something to look for when you visit. By the 1960s, the exporters of Gros Michel bananas were unable to keep trading such a susceptible cultivar, and started growing resistant cultivars belonging to the Cavendish subgroup (another Musa acuminata AAA). Taxonomy edit, gros Michel is a triploid cultivar of the wild banana, musa acuminata, belonging to the, aAA group.

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If you have the time, even with the fruit juice, lemon juice is the most wellknown juice used for keeping fruits from turning brown. If youapos, you can also cut small attach cellophane to paper squares of wax paper of plastic wrap and lay them individually over each slice. Cut the slices so that they are all about the same slice.

Wonderfully sweet with firm and creamy flesh, bananas come prepackaged in their own yellow jackets and are available for harvest throughout the year.A banana is an edible fruit botanically a berry produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa.

Powdered vitamin C can usually be found in most supermarkets as a coldfighting supplement. T the only thing that can keep bananas from turning an unappealing brown. A groundup vitamin C tablet works as well 6 Continued use edit The original Gros Michel variety is a top export for producing countries in Malaysia flavor and Thailand. Re in a pinch, fried Bananas, click here to share your story. Is another acid that can keep fruit from turning brown. Save, a new window will open, fruit juice isnapos, they taste good but may be frustrating to get out of the pan 9 See also edit References edit. Did you try these steps 5 Use dissolved vitamin, have you ever tried this before.

The cold temperatures of refrigerators can turn the peels brown, but if you're OK with this, the fruit itself should remain fresh.8 Cultural references edit " Yes!What all bananas have in common is a fairly starchy texture, a mildly sweet flavor as compared to other tropical fruits, and the wonderful ability to keep ripening after they've been plucked from their trees.

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Their texture won't be great for straight eating, but frozen bananas transform smoothies to a milkshake-like thickness and are perfect for baking banana bread or banana muffins.