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Once you try it, youll be hooked!The idea is to hit the edge of the pie pan with enough force to knock the cardboard tube out from under the egg.Hold the device with the help of the thread to test the working.

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another to create unique devices to safely land an egg when dropped from a decided height. The eggs were supplied when the kids arrived, but during the week prior

there were a few guidelines to follow in creating a protective barrier for the eggs: the completed device could be no longer/taller/wider than 12 inches and they needed to use items they. Bubble wrap around a small box was a last minute pull-together from one of the boys who may have forgotten to work on his assignment until the last minute. Egg Drop Experiment Ideas, ideas from the kids varied and it was much fun to see if they worked and hear their theories as to why they thought paper it would. Thick paper, skewers, ziploc bag, tape, thread. Stack a couple of cups into each other. Tray (optional coloring Tablets (optional experiment Videos, experiment. Wrap the egg with paper balls or cotton. Once the glue is set, test your device. In other words, you want the least or minimal impact on the egg. This is can be done without a parachute and balloon. Cover the egg with the third bagel. It was tested several times at home with success. Overall, this was such a FUN time with the kids and a great way to end our semester class together. Seeing the various creative ideas each came up with to protect their eggs and the groans marvy and cheers that resulted was equally as fun as the egg drop itself! Just think of it as a car about to crash. Cut out rectangular strips of the paper, and stick them to each of the skewers at slight angles using glue or electric tape. The egg drop is one of my all-time favorite science demonstrations. The base Create a cube-shaped frame with the ice cream sticks. The intent was to drop it and have the skewers cushion the drop so the jar wouldnt hit the ground.

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For our final coop class, using Drinking Straw Materials Required Drinking straws Glue Tape Ribbon Bubble wrap Getting ready You can choose to energy secure the egg in bubble wrap. The assembly Use more straws to create a protective shield around the egg. Oh, glue gun, you can alternately use tape to hold your straws parallel to each other. Try to make your system light. Your goal is to keep the egg from cracking.

The egg drop project is definitely a means for students to learn the basics of sciencefrom velocity and force to rate of speed.It compels them to think of innovative ways to protect the egg on impact.

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Keep the wrapping egg in place phd either using strings or skewers intersecting in the center. Wrap the egg in a Ziploc bag to reduce the impact on landing. And place the slit tube over. Thus minimizing the impact on contact with the ground. Inc, the base, to Put It Bluntly, crumpling on impact.

Use the skewers to create a frame to attach the fabric.Still think its easy?Dont do it just yet.

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Bend the vertical slits outward to act like a shock absorber on landing.