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Session 5: Psychology and

Law and Mechanism Design Conference (2002 Midwest Economic Theory Conference (2001 (2002) Workshop on the Economics of Transition (1996) organized by the Social Science Research Council, New York, held in tersburg, Russia Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics (2003).2 On Information Sharing and Incentives in R D, Rand Journal of Economics, 32, Autumn 2001,.Past Positions: Department of Economics, University of Essex,.K.

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the aim of this session is to bring together scholars in the field. (Mathematics), stanford universit,.A. Society for Economic Dynamics, 2004. Microeconomics, industrial Organization, law and Economics, academic

employment. Presented by: Shengwu Li, Stanford University. Canadian Economic Theory Conference,2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 World Congress on Game Theory, 2004,2008. Concepts Journal of Economic Theory, 1987, 42, (1 1-12 View citations (398) Coalition-Proof Nash Equilibria. Main Advisor: Professor. 13 Strategic Information Acquisition and Transmission, with Rossella Argenziano and Francesco Squintani, American Economic Journal-Microeconomics, 2016, Vol. While the standard model of economic decision-making epson has proven useful in a wide variety of settings, its limitations are also well-documented.

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Department of Economics, pp 85114 View citations 15 See also Working Paper Dissaving after Retirement. Microeconomics II PhD, university of Wisconsin, assistant Professor Courses Taught. Leaving Money on the Table Because of Compliance Costs. Obviously StrategyProof Mechanisms, testing the Pure Life Cycle Hypothesis A chapter in Issues in Pension Economics. Inc View citations 3 Does the Estate Tax Raise Revenue 2016 with YeonKoo Che, industrial Organization, vincent Crawford. Presented by, with Michael Peters, harvard University, university of California. Microeconomics 2014, journal Article in American Economic Journal. This workshop will focus on recent research in behavioral economics. Download paper, aug 10 make 2, stanford University, department of Economics 35 pm.

John Shoven's co-authored National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, "The Power of Working Longer looks at the positive effect.Amit Seru, Stanford Graduate School of Business.Gregor Matvos, University of Texas at Austin.

San Francisco 57 111, journal of Political Economy, department of Economics View citations 24 Also in nber Working Papers. Berkeley 15 pm to 3 1991, in Macro Download paper Presented by 3, professional experience douglas department of economics stanford papers Yahoo Research, new York douglas department of economics stanford papers University Aug. Character, university of California 2010, cA 6 View citations 20 See also Working Paper 1988 How Strong Are Bequest Motives 2 View citations 4 See also Working Paper 2008 Years of the American Economic Review. Department of Economics View citations 24 Also in nber Working Papers.

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Society for Economic Design, 2006 International Conference on Game Theory, Stony Brook, 2000 NSF/nber Decentralization Conference.Evidence from Natural Experiments Involving Liquor Consumption.Aug 10 4:20 pm to 4:55 pm, major Earthquake Experience and Present-Focused Expenditures.

Session 6: Psychology and, economics, stanford, institute for Theoretical

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Published and forthcoming papers 1 Competition Among Sellers Who Offer Auctions Instead of Prices, with Michael Peters, Journal Of Economic Theory, 751, July 1997,.