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Exploring the Challenges and the Potentials of Adaptation to Climate Change: A Bottom up Approach.Functionality of domestic cat ooctyes sic matured, fertilized and cultured as embryos in vitro.

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Island, VA: a low-profile, washover-dominated, trangressive barrier island. Policy implications of the use of a process to describe the uncertainty in quantitative risk assessment. A comparative population ecology

study of the fungal pathogen Discula umbrinella (SynDiscula quercina on Quercus alba and Quercus rubra. Risks and opportunities of writing and living in digital spaces. Balaenoptera acutorostrata ) Habitat Use and Behavior. Systematics and Evolution of Commiphora Jacq. Detecting And discriminating petroleum and petroleum products from water on terrestrial backgrounds with hyperspectral remote sensing. 2003 Desiree Di Mauro. Temporal and Spatial Aspects of the Colonization and Re-Colonization of Dragonflies in Lentic Habitats. Fostering civic engagement : stakeholder participation in rural projects in Ghana. Risky Business: Engaging the Public in Policy Discourse on Sea-Level Rise and Inundation. Shrub and grassland birds at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Northern Virginia and the influence burning and mowing has had upon their distribution and abundance. Effects of selected insect growth regulators on ecdysteroid titers in the grass shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio. An Evaluation of Social Goals in Philippine Marine Protected Areas. An assessment of potential contamination, exposure, and policy relating to large-scale production and purification of HIV-1. Quantification and delineation of the nonattainment boundary for fine particulate matter: using geographic information system (GIS remote sensing data, and in situ monitoring. A molecular genetic characterization of Ellis-van Creveld (EvC) syndrome. The public side of the nuclear waste issue : risk perception and value orientations. Synthetic approaches to 3-alkyl indoles and -carbolines. Morphostratigraphy, Dynamics, And Reconstruction Of Former Tidal Inlets Along Assateague Island, Maryland-Virginia: Impacts On Barrier-Island Evolution.

In research and in practice, intersections between digital humanities and composition. Leontopithecus rosalia, navy Marine Mammals And Sound Research And Monitoring Programs. Institutional pressures affecting a firms decision to visit United States Environmental Protection Agency Compliance Assistance websites. And playing 2001 Janet Marie Marshall Hughes, informal Innovation and Climate Change, birds in agricultural areas. A study of biological and ecological features leading to the formation of a management policy. Moderating Influence Of digital dissertation gmu Uncertainty On The Adoption Of Green Building Practices The Determinants Of Institutionalization Of Green Building Practices In The Residential Construction Industry. Understanding and managing isolation in a fragmented population of golden lion tamarins. The effects of urbanization on wetland ecosytem structure and function.

The History and Art History Department.George Mason, university welcomes dissertation projects that take a range of digital forms, while upholding the.The following databases may be used to access dissertations on the topic of Self -Study of Teaching.

Patterns and relations to climate change. Life cycle cost comparison of traditional stormwater management And low impact development. A socioeconomic and management evaluation of whalewatching in SamanĂ¡. Monitoring of the North American river otter Lontra canadensis using molecular analysis of scat. Tidal freshwater Potomac River eutrophication, a Multidisciplinary Study, mysidacea.

Muller, 1785) and Diaphanosoma brachyurum (Lieven, 1848).The response of streams to land use and urban best management practices in the Piedmont region of Virginia, USA.

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