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This post contains affiliate links.Make an easy heart butterfly craft using just strips of paper!As children give an answer unfold one crease in the heart.

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character education principles. This lesson, called Wrinkle on my Heart, teaches about empathy, taking responsibility for mistakes when they happen and learning from them, and thinking before you speak/act.

Lesson Objectives, students will learn about empathy. Use any colored paper youd like and hang them up to make your home festive for Valentines Day or spring! Citizenship is crucial to the success of our society. The kids love seeing if their parents can find them in the candy box during pick-up time. Hurtful answers may include: Tease them, call them names, hit them, gossip about them behind their back, ditch them, tell secrets about them. Randomly place the completed Student Sweeties projects in the second red heart. Then ask the children, What have our hurtful words and actions done to our classmates heart? The inspiration for this Assorted Sweeties Valentines Day bulletin board came from page 39 in TCRs book-Seasonal Activities: Winter. Ask, Is it ok for people to do this? First, I put up a red background and glued pink diamonds. . Explain to students that each of their sweeties will be added thesis to a larger box. Lets put it all together now. This paper craft for kids is perfect for Valentines Day, spring, or a unit on butterflies. Ask the students what someone could say or do to hurt their hearts. Staple the paper lace doilies around the edges of both hearts. Staple the letters or sign, Assorted Sweeties, on the heart. I filled in the rest of the board with a variety of items including hearts the students cut out. . Credit, erika Ledder, School Counselor, Salt Brook Elementary School. Ask, What can we do to try to prevent saying or doing something hurtful to someone else? Take the top two ends and bend them towards each other to form the top of the heart. Write on the heart: No one has the right to put a wrinkle on someone elses heart. Materials for Paper Heart Butterfly Craft. Cut the red bulletin board paper into the shape of two large hearts. You can buy a roll like this and cut off a strip for each student to use.).

Scissors, use it to cut the person students photographs into circles to fit inside the cupcake liners. Hold the ends in place with a glue stick or glue dot. Paper Lace Doilies, line up the side, overlap the second heart on top and staple it to the board. Bottom edge of a larger heart and glue together. Set the pink paper aside to dry. Valentines Day Classroom Project Assorted Sweeties. How did we do, wrap the antennae around a pencil and gently pull the pencil out to curl the antennae a bit.

Read Customer Reviews How does it look?Tell them to notice that it is a nice, big, red, happy heart.

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Tie some yarn or string on your butterfly for hanging. Love is in the 120gsm a4 paper air 2014, be a friend to them, lead the discussion to the idea that we can think before we speak. Start by making four paper hearts using the directions below. Even when we say were sorry. Discuss with them that we all make mistakes and sometimes say or do something hurtful that we didnt mean. Give a compliment, helpful answers may include, apologize. Talk to them, teacher Resources, staple the pink paper onto the bulletin board.

Youll also need two thin strips of black paper for the antennae measuring about 2 1/2 inches long.As a child gives an example of what could hurt a heart, put one fold in the heart.Students will learn to think before they speak and act.

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Its very simple, but effective, especially when the teacher posts the wrinkled heart somewhere in the classroom as a reminder.