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Keep a damp paper towel near at hand to clean minor drips.Find a link to one in References, or find your own.Set aside (flat surface, crown side up) and allow to dry.

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time see photo later in this post) is that forming the hats crown requires patient bending and overlapping of the side panels, with each panels tip overlapping that. In

fact, a couple brown grocery store bags, carefully cut apart and spread flat, work terrifically. Now that the crown and brim glue joints are dry youll just place the crown over the center colonial hat paper of the brim and, yup, carefully pin the brims tabs inside the crown. Having already traced the pattern onto your material its now time to carefully cut along the solid lines not the dotted lines, those are your fold guides. These patterns have been designed so that theyll fit onto US letter (8.5 x 11) paper, but this doesnt mean that you need to cut them out this way. (OK, confession: again I did this upside down the first time, but fortunately this time Id only pinned it no glue and noticed my gaff in time to flip it upside down and repin) Tip: Alternate Panels While Pinning. Tip: Fewer Seams Are Better! You can adjust the size to a child's head; the closer they are to the corners of the hat, the larger the hat will. Ill note any special paper tips as asides. Though whose to say what a pirate looks like? Ill not lie: this is where I made all of my mistakes. This is actually my dads tip for how to tighten a wheels lug nuts when replacing a car tire, but it applies here, too.

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The crown and the brim, its the brims bottom that will be most visible so you want that trim on the bottom. If you were able to cut the brim from a single piece of material without any seams congratulations less paper gluing for you. Found the above collage of cocked hats on a theater costume supply website Step One.

Step Two, it makes, the gray areas in the above image are your folding tabs. The Crown In utep biomedical engineering phd this step youll cutout the crowns gores. Pin them into a round cap. High or low, check the fit, the problem to watch for is bunching up or wrinkles where youve pulled or stretched the fabric.

Tip: Protect That Worktable!Draw and cut out an oval about 8 inches wide by 9 inches long-see References for patterns.(optional) decorative ribbons or cord (if youre planning on putting ribbon around your hats brim and you should youll need about 1 1/2 yards to go around an adult-sized cap) (optional) feathers, buttons, glitter, and, for paper hats, color pens and pencils, crayons, and paint to decorate Papercraft.

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Youll be using glue, a substance known to love hiding where it ought not be until its dried, at which point your shall invariably discover it and scream how youve ruined the table.