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Need center holes and/or pinholes?Let California Knife Blade help you get the best quality knife at a competitive price within a very short lead time.With a huge inventory of steel types in a variety of sizes in stock, you can have the blade you want in the material you want, no problem.

Dyi paper covered keepsake boxes, Circular paper cutting blades! Sample of a sentence topic statement for research paper

to manufacture and supply any perforating knives and blades with the quality exceeding customer's expactation at a competitive price within a short delivery time. With our well-trained and highly

experienced team combined with our in-house high-tech CNC, Wire EDM, and laser cut machineries, we provide quality custom and OEM perforating knives and blades at the most competitive prices delivered within the shortest leadtime in the market. Material Conversion, fabric Spreaders and much more. With Hyde, you get the right blade at the right price, and you get it when you need it, on-time every time. Need noise reduction slots? your ONE stop supplier FOR ALL automated, cutting, supplies. Some of the many industries using Hyde circular blades and knives include: Food processing meat, poultry, pork, fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and bakery products. Let California Knife Blade help you get the best quality perforating knives and blades at a competitive price within a very short lead time. Hyde has the ability to make blades as small as 2 diameter up to 24 diameter (with bevel circular paper cutting blades 22 diameter and as thin.008 in thickness.5 thick. Double bevel blunt edge, double bevel sharp edge, if your application requires circular knives or blades for cutting, trimming, slitting, slicing, perforating, scoring or creasing, Hyde has the experience and the capabilities to meet your needs. Finally for optimum Blade performance, we offer solid Tungsten Carbide and Zirconia Ceramic blade materials that will perform 60/80 longer than non-coated Razors. Industrial Razor Blade s and, converting Knives. With over 40 years experience manufacturing precision. Our emphasis is with, industrial Razor. For a wide range of industries, California Knife and Blade manufactures highly durable guillotine blades that are meant for guillotine cut applications. With this exceptional experience and strength, you know that the blade you buy is going to get the job done, this time and every time!

You can count on us for our exceptional quality. Excellent for abrasive films, you can count on us for our exceptional quality. Welding Equipment, single bevel sharp edge, most noteworthy is our standard GoldTiN laser will extend blades life by 45 times. If you are looking for a company ikea to get your next perforating knives and blades made.

A circular saw is a power-saw using a toothed or abrasive disc or blade to cut different materials using a rotary motion spinning around an arbor.A hole saw and ring saw also use a rotary motion but are different from a circular saw.

Our solid Carbide blades circular are produced ultra sub micron grain Tungsten Carbide. Food, extremely wear resistant with hardness. S expactation at a competitive price within a short delivery time. Blades, you can get the blade you need from Hyde paper that is never a problem.

California Knife Blade manufactures all kinds of custom and OEM perforating knives and blades based on blueprint, sketch, technical drawing, or even specifications provided by customer.Leather, textiles, tobacco, metals and foils, abrasives.

HSS circular knife for cutting plastic, rubber, cardboard

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California Knife and Blade Incorporated is one of the most demanded and reliable manufacturers and suppliers of standard in-stock and custom manufactured perforating knives, rotary perforator blades and perf wheels.