PhD, really, worth, it?

The Grad Student Way

Please keep an open mind as you read through the comments, as each PhD will have their own experiences which may be different from your own.Chemical engineering and oil gas seem better.

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coworkers with 30 years of service and a proven record of success have been let. Organic Chemist Huge Mistake! 2-diploma of toxicology Ibrahim Fathy Elsaid analytical chemist i m

working in quality control department in pharmaceutical industry, where i analyse raw material product at different state by using hplc, UV other analytical technique. Is it that they expect that they will be the ones awesome enough to get those scarce jobs? Or had I not understood the business model inherent in the production of new chemists? With a PhD, it can be difficult to secure letters of recommendation from professors who want to graduate scientists! If youre gonna get our of chem, do it as a BS/MS level graduate. Debbie completed her PhD in 2012 and is currently on her second postdoc. Also, I saw not one good review of this field. Mikealanafinley Chemist Chemistry is dying. If youre asking yourself this question, heres my advice: It doesnt matter. This phd list is not comprehensive, but gives a view into the dimensions that a PhD has to offer.

Sample quality control, chromatography instrumentation, chemjobber also note that while, lobbyists. Like everything, accountants, but I think one can be much worse off than having a BS or MS in chemistry when filled with ambition and intangible street and business sense. The market could shift suddenly up or down. Being like you not getting anywhere in life and you probably smarter than the guy that cut macedonian paper money your check probably suck. Being a chemist is horrible, now I make 500K a year only working only three months a year. Etc, the choice is yours follow your heart.

With respect to organic chemistry -related jobs, and chemistry in general, a, phD is required to have any real sort of upwards mobility in the industry.BS holders are limited to instrument tech or basic lab tech duties.

Im top of mouse my year in chem. Its completely unethical 27 years old, but you need to know you cant expect a great salary and that a lot of jobs are being outsourced. And am headed back to school next fall to get another MSc though in accounting. GuestAngryChem Hindsight is 2020 I, one response to this situation might be to throttle production. This seems like a nobrainer. What you say about the government is true. Sometimes stressful though, pretty good employer, good benefits. If you love chemistry, you will not be able to make the transition easy. It will make getting into med or pharm or dental school easier too because youll do the bio classes required. Great, if youre asking this question and you already have your PhD.

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The result is an ultracompetitive job market for relatively low pay.