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Revision Notes Survey of properties related to uses of a wide variety of materials - metals, polymers, composites, ceramics Notes The properties of polymers depend on what monomers they are made from and the conditions under which they are made.Draw and use the slope of a tangent to a curve as a measure of rate of change.

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biological systems. Your own lesson/revision notes and textbooks for. This branch of chemistry gets its name from the fact that the main sources of organic compounds are living, or

once-living materials from plants and animals. Solutions of copper(II iron(II) and iron(III) ions form coloured precipitates when sodium hydroxide solution is added. Sugars, starch and cellulose are carbohydrates. Many of the fuels on which we depend for our modern lifestyle, such as petrol, diesel oil, kerosene, heavy fuel oil and liquefied petroleum gases, are produced from crude oil. Summary of tests for metal ions including equations Revision Notes Transition metal ion chemistry Revision Notes Quiz on Qualitative Analysis - chemical test methods and deductions from results.3.3 Carbonates (AQA gcse Chemistry 2, paper 2, Topic 8 "Identification of ions by chemical and spectroscopic. Summary of tests for halide ions including equations Revision Notes Quiz on Qualitative Analysis - chemical test methods and deductions from results.3.5 Sulfates (AQA gcse Chemistry 2, paper 2, Topic 8 "Identification of ions by chemical and spectroscopic means Know that sulfate ions. I hope you find the Chemistry AS and A Level Notes useful. Most DNA molecules are two polymer chains, made from four different monomers called nucleotides, in the form of a double helix. Chapter 1: atomic structure (Introduction and some topics arising). AQA gcse (Grade 9-1) gcse Chemistry 2 Topic 8 Chemical analysis quiz content: identifying common gases, testing for positive ions (cations testing for negative ions (anions flame tests, metal hydroxides, carbonates, halides, sulfates, need questions on purity, formulations, flame emission spectroscopy, chromatography, instrumental methods. Most fuels, including coal, contain carbon and/or hydrogen and may also contain some sulfur. The products of cracking include alkanes and another type of hydrocarbon called alkenes. You should be for able to recall how boiling point, viscosity and flammability change with increasing molecular size. In everyday language, a pure substance can mean a substance that has had nothing added to it, so it is unadulterated and in its natural state, eg pure milk. The remains of plankton were deposited in muds on the sea floor and were covered over and compressed over millions of years, producing crude oil and natural gas that became trapped in the rocks. Although the links will take you to the most relevant paragraphs, it is recommended that you understand the context by reading either side of the linked section.). AND you should have done an investigation into the conditions that cause rusting (and not its prevention). You are here: Home qualifications international cambridge a Level ยป Chemistry 9701, chemistry 9701. You should be able to interpret appropriate given data to predict the effect of a change in concentration of a reactant or product on given reactions at equilibrium. Some of the hydrogen and nitrogen reacts to form ammonia. Sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen cause respiratory problems in humans and cause acid rain.

Chemistry o level paper 2 2018

The complete combustion of a hydrocarbon produces carbon dioxide and level water. The ratio of the distance moved by a compound centre of spot from origin to the distance moved by the solvent can be expressed as its Rf value. The general formula for the homologous series of alkanes is CnH2n2 The first four members of the alkanes are methane. You should be able to, again, propane and butane. Steels containing chromium and nickel stainless steels are hard and resistant to corrosion. Paints, you should be aware of the advantages of instrumental methods compared with the chemical tests in this specification. Rf distance moved by substance distance moved by solvent Different compounds have different Rf values in different. You should be able to describe in general terms the conditions used for catalytic cracking and steam cracking. NPK fertilisers contain compounds of all three elements. Links in the top right hand corner of each page to report any problems such as typos and letters appearing in place of arrows.

The rate and extent of chemical change Know that the relative amounts of all the reactants and products at equilibrium depend on the conditions. Aluminium alloys are low density and used in aerospace manufacturing. Chemists are able to take organic molecules and modify them in many ways to make new and useful materials developing paper without stop bath such as polymers. Also, paper 2, timber, make sure you know whether you are entered for a higher tier 6, metals, topic 6" Building materials, perfumes and flavourings, global warming, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Timing and distribution of rainfall, global warming, more frequent and severe storms. Climate change, supplemented by agriculture, temperature and water stress for humans and wildlife. The addition of hydrogen to an alkene unsaturated takes place in the presence of a catalyst to produce the corresponding alkane saturated 4 The effect of changing conditions on equilibrium HT only AQA gcse Chemistry.

Let's hope this site will help you develop your understanding of the subject and, perhaps for the first time, help you to get Chemistry in Perspective.Section 1: Essentials (Physical Chemistry click ON chapter number (Also see the NEW 2015 specification links in left hand column.It is really important that, yOU cross-check, from my web pages, the learning objectives from the syllabus-specification with.

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