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 At each side, pleat and gather tissue  from bottom of open end to the other bottom open end.She will be adding more coordinating printables in the coming week. .

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tissue paper sheets in an accordion style and cover almost the entire band. Today Im going to give you a little sneak peak to her party as well as

show you our Ruff Draft: How to make a Tissue Paper Chef Hat! Things Needed, poster board, tissue paper, tape. Gently push out the tissue paper and wear! Maureen threw the most. Next you need to pleat the opposite end of the tissue paper (taping the pleats together by themselves, not to band). This DIY Chef Hat is perfect for any sort of baking party, pizza party, or any other cooking party! As you curl the poster board around the head, have the tape side facing out. Amazing Pizzeria Birthday Party for Pierson and all of his little buddies! So many great printables and ideas for this theme!). All gung and ho! Traditionally, chefs chef hat tissue paper hats are white, but you can choose to make these hats any color you desire. After the pleats are finished, overlap band by 1/4-1/2 and tape closed. Continue to do this until the tissue has been pleated and ends to the halfway point of the band length (in this case.5). Only cover the same amount of the band as the other side, there will still be open spotsthat will be fixed later. We cant wait to show off more sneak peeks of Piersons Pizzeria Birthday Party. If preferred, use a different color. Once band is cut, unfold tissue paper. Tape the tissue paper at the top of the hat, after marking the correct spot. Paper clips, stapler, if your chef hat tissue paper kids like to cook, help them make a chefs hat to wear in the kitchen. You kind of need to fluff it into place. If you havent heard, our little Super P (Pierson, Maureens youngest) celebrated his 5th birthday last weekend! Pull the tissue paper up a little and place the hat on the childs head. Getting kids involved in the kitchen is something Im gung-ho about. Repeat on opposite side. Now all of the band should have tissue paper.

Kids can igcse english listening past papers wear them while they help you cook. First measure your hat band widthlength and cut the poster board to size we created bands that measured. Or choose a different color if desired 25 tall but these were for decorations.

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university And quick addition to the idea of getting kids in the kitchen having fun. Wrap the poster board band around the childs head. So the unattached tore edge can be taped to inside of band.

These DIY chef hats add just the extra detail needed for an inexpensive 3D effect. Once the pleated tuck is pulled inside, tape it to the hat band so it closes the hat side.

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Whatever the case get the kids in the kitchen making and creating with you!