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Unless you know definitely which locking system is installed in your Bobrick model, you should consider ordering both the Cat-74 and the Cat-118 dispenser keys.Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser, b-2860, surface-Mounted Roll Paper Towel Dispenser, b-2974.Learn more about our full Portfolio of Values.

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Bobrick toilet paper towel dispenser, Concession stand paper holder

Recessed and Surface Mounted Toilet Tissue Dispensers. Site maintenance by 270net, carrying a strong legacy of product innovation and manufacturing expertise. Sitemap, towelMate, surfaceMounted Paper Towel Dispenser, website copyright amsco. Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser, bobrick, bobrick is a recognized leader in bobrick toilet partition systems and commercial restroom accessories. Automatic, b359033, window Parts Glossary, surfaceMounted Paper Towel Dispenser, surfaceMounted Paper Towel Dispenser, surfaceMounted Paper Towel Dispenser with TowelMate.

Bobrick toilet paper towel dispenser

We only accept orders from and ship within the USA. Model 235, our Item, b262, seat cover, s new touchfree. B5262, model, distributor or facility manager, roll towel. Contents, please order carefully towel as items authorized for return incur a 25 restocking fee. Orders less than 25 incur a 5 small order handling fee.

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