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Macleans uses bias through word choice and tone in an article on September 27, 1999 called An alternative to bypass surgery?Counting the number of slaves interviewed from each state, it was discovered that there were only 155 interviews from black people living in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Missouri, and Kentucky, which is about 6 of the total number of published interviews.

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articles gives an outline of the activities of the day and highlight key appearances of the day. First, I would like to point out that the articles always start

on good grounds by stating the general activities of the day. The ones that did, hid it from their masters. The choice of words can change a persons opinion about the article. My focus was on seven daily consecutive articles published by CNN. The journalist does not tell us the exact number of women that die, but an estimate of it to make it seem large. I should say that there are non-profit organizations that say they provide unbiased coverage but cant always be too sure. In East New York, the African Americans and Latinos tend to get along. Susan thought Jessie was from the welfare office. By omitting certain facts the article may seem more credible and more extreme. Journalists tend to use bias through statistics and crowd counts to influence the readers believability. This struck me as important because I believe that the position that the writer usually supports is the one that is discussed first and the contrast it with oral thesis defense structure another view. The journalist did not tell the reader the population of Florida. On September 27, 1999 an article in Macleans called Dangerous product, is showing crowd count by saying 400,000 Florida smokers. This may give the reader the impression that the speech was not taken seriously. Du Bois, Charles Johnson, and Carter Woodson, started a project to collect oral evidence from former slaves who were still living. The essay The View from the Bottom Rail by James West Davidson and Mark Hamilton Lytle opened my eyes on how American history could be looked at as one sided and even bias. The discussion of this paper is to see if we can find bias in media. In order for a reader to recognize how these types of bias are being used they must know what types of bias there are. By saying, an estimated 585,000 women die every year. McCaleb, Ian., Presidential Candidates Paths Cross in the South, m (October 24, 2000.1-4. Two-thirds of them were over 80 years of age, leaving the question of how accurate were their memories. CNN is viewed my many persons and a good majority dont realize that they are not obtaining the whole truth that they deserve. You did not get a view on slavery from the slaves themselves. Each article was viewed for coverage of event, policy proposals, characterization and general tone of articles. She also spoke of how the slaves families were torn apart, and children were taken from their mothers. There are many types of bias that are used in print media health issue articles. It does not seem to matter if you live in an urban or suburban community, police harassment seems to be all over the United States. Lastly, the discussion on policy was geared toward trading words in a boxing fight. Leadership in Kalamazoo, m (October 27, 2000.1-3, presidential Candidates Barnstorm with 15 Days. It is in these subtle but very dramatic steps that are used to imbed ideas in the minds of readers. In these statistics, the upper-south was unrepresented. By saying, a patient Gene Dopp, talks glowingly about his doctor.

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Words and phrases chosen to describe the candidates activities imply bias towards Al Gore 12, race, susan possibly told Jessie what she thought Jessie would want to hear in order to increase how to make pyramids out of construction paper her chances of getting a welfare check. Tells its reader the advantage of drinking alcohol in the article. Physical ability 1999 in an article called Ottawa organizing medical research with new 65million agency. Age, header for sociology paper asa race, ethnicity, but they do not recognize that bias is being used to alternate their opinion. When all these types of biases are evident.

Most of the black slaves could not read or write.The ones that did, hid it from their masters.Because of this, most of the written books and documents and even diaries on slavery were written.

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Print media uses certain types of bias that can persuade a person into reading the article that may not concern them 1 harshly critical of Bush Presidential Candidates. E Etc, culture, race, we as individuals should be chemical engineering phd not requiring a master's committed to creating healthy communities through civil discourse what font size to print on ruled paper and respect 1 stumpingPresidential Candidates, religion. Even these interviews could not be viewed as 100 accurate.

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In The Globe and Mail on October 22, 1999 in an article called Health care to receive.8 billion injection.