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Finally, mysterious or inconsistent tears can be signs of clearance/contact issues; be sure that your arrow is not touching the bows cables, rest, or riser at it is released.A left tear for a right handed archer will be corrected by moving the arrow rest in towards the riser.

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will weaken its spine. Do I have too little front of center weight? Consult the chart above for a quick overview of what each type of tear means. I

typically start paper tuning in the 5-7 yard range, but will often move closer/further once I think I have my bow and arrows tuned the way that I want. If your arrow is making contact with the rest, that can cause paper-tuning tears. Is the timing and tiller in the right place? If you cant find a spot thats high enough, then consider kneeling to shoot just make sure that you arent leaning or shooting at an up/down angle, which will skew the angle that your arrow passes through the paper and give you false results. If shooting a solo cam, have you yoke tuned and checked the timing? Other bow-based adjustments might include adding/removing twists to bows equipped with a split-yolk harness system, or adjusting the cable guard or roller guard rod to increase or decrease tension on the cables at full draw. The process of paper tuning will help ensure that your bow and arrows are setup properly and complement one another for forgiveness and accuracy downrange. Paper Tuning Distance 2: 10-11. Stay tuned! This distance can answer: Do I have enough fletching on the arrow to stabilize it as it goes further down range and decays in velocity. Assuming everything is correct like mention above if Dave a right handed shooter gets a: left tear : Indicates arrow is too stiff. Are you shooting with good form? If you want to verify that you have the right arrows, then refer to this article: Understanding Arrow Spine What Arrow Do You Need For Your Bow?

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Playing with different arrow paper spines, before you shoot, this guide is an essential resource if you want to understand bow tear and arrow tuning and setup. Remember that you want to chase the point. You must make sure your hand position on the bow grip is correct.

If one is rotating faster than the other, you ll get paper - tuning tears.To synchronize them, you ll need a bow press, because you ll have to twist.Shoot arrows through a suspended sheet of paper at a distance of 4 to 6 feet.

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And the most common remedies for each. This distance can answer, paper tuning a bow The checklist. Eastons Tuning Guide PDF, if you absolutely cannot get repeatable tears then have someone else try to shoot your bow and see how it responds. Spray your fletchings with white, heres a list of tears, check the timing of your cams. Are you shooting with a torque free grip. Then address the spine of your arrow by increasing draw weight to weaken an arrow or decreasing draw weight to stiffen an arrow thats reacting too weak. You dont want to shoot at a steep angle up or down. Aerosol foot powder and then shoot that tear arrow. If your leftright tear isnt resolved while your rests centershot is in spec. Simply pull straight back through the shot with your release.

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