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The Tigers were OSS mercenaries paid for with OSS secret funds (at first, oligarch money, later drug receipts).As a result, however, innocent individuals are falsely labeled drug users, drug dealers, terrorists and/or spies without any reasonable opportunity to ever clear their name.

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asked to write down that explanation for consideration by officials in Washington,.C. In or around late 1996 or early 1997, Croddy, who is a Defense and Aerospace Research Analyst

in the private sector, completed the FBIs written examination. The FBI may not ask applicants, such as John Does#2-4 and Croddy, questions it cannot reasonably have believed would elicit information to furnish it with a rational basis for discovering whether applicants possess the actual qualifications reasonably required for the particular job sought. The DEAs website ( m ) indicates that in order to become a Special Agent, applicants must successfully complete a polygraph examination, a psychological suitability assessment, and an exhaustive background investigation. The earlier statement, provided to Special Agent Golia during a brief interview, stated that John Doe#3 experimented with marijuana while in high school on two occasions. He was an applicant for employment as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Upon information and belief, it is a common perception among FBI personnel involved in the application and polygraph process that applicants who fail the polygraph will reveal something that they withheld or will simply just go away. On May 14, 1997, Thomas. John Doe#4 inquired about the test as he had never seen or taken one before. The current Director Louis Freeh implemented the present policy in or around March 1994. In the sixties, the Saigon office of the CIA (Ted Shackley of IranContragate fame) ran both the genocidal Phoenix program and infamous AIR america and still found time to sell heroin.I's. This was the real Iran Contragate the story that never surfaced. TWO digits instead of four, a tiny little cobol programmer slip, in their precious computers, and their whole system goes bang on the stroke of midnight, December 31st, 1999. Upon information and belief, many former FBI Special Agents, including some who had distinguished careers, have failed polygraph examinations when trying to either re-enter the FBI or attain a consulting arrangement. Thirteenth cause OF action (darryn mitchell moore) (fifth amendment - name clearing hearing - secret service) 333. Why should it be left to poor oligarchs to fund the secret fight? But the CIA has its little coffers, filled by its little importing businesses, cheap merchandise from the orient. After being informed that he met the necessary qualifications, he was scheduled to take a written examination on June 20, 2000, which he passed. He has taken and passed three preemployment polygraph examinations, which included extensive questioning concerning past drug use, without any problems in connection with his former and current law enforcement positions. Several weeks after the polygraph, the DOE decided to assign Lees test the unusual designation of "incomplete." When FBI headquarters finally obtained the DOE polygraph results, it concluded that Lee had failed the polygraph. Grassley, between March 1994, and October 1997, the FBI conducted approximately 16,200 preemployment polygraph examinations. After receiving a false-positive reading that falls outside an agencys defined acceptable parameters, the applicant is simply left out in the cold while the agency continues to maintain the posture that the applicant is a liar. The lack of "due process rights" accorded to individuals facing an adverse DEA employment decision has deprived and will continue to deprive John Doe#3 of opportunities of continued activity in his chosen profession of federal law enforcement and/or intelligence work based on the DEAs willingness. As a result, John Does#4-6 and Moore has suffered and will continue to suffer actual adverse and harmful effects, including, but not limited to, mental distress, emotional trauma, embarrassment, humiliation, and lost or jeopardized present or future financial opportunities. But Bush did a fast one. Specific examples how to make a 3d paper basketball OF polygraph problems AND abuse. On or about October 25, 1991, John Doe#1 took the FBIs accounting exam at the FBIs Norfolk field office. Upon returning to the room, the FBIs polygraph examiner informed John Doe#2 that he saw reactions to the drug questions and that he believed something was being held back. No further specific information or number was provided, and this range still fell within the ussss acceptable parameters of prior drug use. Same thing getting allende out in Chile. Four weeks later he was mailed a conditional offer of employment with the DEA.

S, plaintiffs Eric Croddy, s program, john Doe4 compromised his integrity and reluctantly changed his answer phd regarding prior drug use. Both of these agencies will also reveal to other agencies that he failed the tests. John Doe3, john Doe4, fBI, he was asked what he had lied about. John Doe4 made contact with all three agencies to explore his options. In response to Special Agent Hutzells intimidating interrogation tactics. John Doe2, john Doe1, inaccurate information by the FBI concerning John Doe1 and the results of his polygraph examination.

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In fact, ninth aptos times paper cause OF action john DOE2 fifth amendment name clearing hearing FBI 291. John Doe4 spoke with Special Agent Burke the next day and she confirmed that he had probably failed the test. Although Special Agent Bryant did not accuse him of deception. And contradict other agency officials in a manner that alarms and confuses applicants. Mislead applicants as aptos times paper to the importance of results.

The examiner forms an opinion of the subjects truthfulness by allegedly comparing the physiological reactions to each set of questions.The people had to be roused, anti-Allende propaganda achieved by buying Chilean journalists.The only reason John Doe#3 executed a supplement to his earlier statement that admitted to additional usage was due to Special Agent Fox having advised him to do so after defining what, at least in the mind of Special Agent Fox, constituted past usage.

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While the criteria is not publicly known, upon information and belief the FBI policy on this issue is contained in, but not limited to, Buairtel dated May 1, 1995, captioned Special Agent Selection System (sass) Polygraph Policy.