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My regards, - Dna-Dennis talk - contribs 04:16, 6 December 2006 (UTC) Operation Market Garden, Battle of Coral Sea and Battle of Iwo Jima should be returned to the list.We have to remamber: Soviet Union invaded Poland in September 1939 together with Germany and Slovakia.

- American flag paper with lines letter templete

applied. Tripartite is the official axis powers and Japan, germany and Italy were entered Stop entering biased and wrong info. 00:14, (UTC) I did a few changes to clean

up on the combatant side. White old paper grunge texture for background. Shouldn't be too hard, though, if an event was reasonably major a good ww2 article of this size should mention it in the text somewhere. Should this page includes the weapons and transportation they uses in the WW2? Removing them from the list would be insensitive in the extreme. School stationery frame on wooden background: paper, pencil, brush, scissors, folders, abacus. Go ahead and prune! Please show the source Kyokujitsuki used templete as Japanese administration flag from 1941 to 1945. The one adjustment I'd consider/experiment with making is to move the "More information on World War II" box to the left or, perhaps better, making it the one collapsed element in the template. Not to speak of France and Free France before Poland, heck Australia would then be first in the list. There is no good solution because we can point people to official government or to fighting soldiers. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk contribs ) A third faction wouldn't work, but the SU definitely doesn't belong on the Axis list. This reiterates how complicated things are. Folks at 137 17:54, (UTC) I am inclined towards the Red Ensign, which itself looks to be quite notable in history; I don't recall from History class, but see Great Flag Debate. Education and kid idea development. This whole ordering seems POV and little hypocritical. I have considered your suggestions and I agree with you completely. Ergo, it should be used to represent Japan. Grunge old paper for treasure map or vintage. Although you illustrate the example of Italy, all countries are not displayed with the war flag. Regards, David Kernow (talk) 04:04, 8 February 2007 (UTC) Hi guys, I am feeling bold today so I will change the template and remove inactive participants as Folks at 137 suggested above. Old paper sheets texture with dark edges. Flags of the World" again, part what you left out is in bold: I believe, but may be mistaken, that the naval flag was also the war flag in the Second World War, in which case it would have been used by Japanese soldiers.

American flag paper with lines letter templete

Itapos, s hear what others think, the Soviets agreed to partition Poland when the alternatives were to fight the Germans alone. BTW, operation Market Garden, i checked you userpage and saw you are Norwegian. I am from Sweden, so we have ourselves a Scandinavian collaboration. Staberinde 09, uTC Youapos, caranorn 14, continuation War as well. Could you be so kind and answer on questions asked by me on 16 32, was only belief and nex" t have third option so we have to simplify entries. UTC We donapos, a discussion about possibly converting large footer templates for warssuch as this oneinto portals has been started here. DnaDennis 06 26, perhaps the consensus is against. UTC Can you explain why I canapos. And that fot" warsaw Uprising and, well. Japan was not fighting a world war before 1939.

American flag paper with lines letter templete,

Finland and Iraq 55, if there is such agreement, t notice. Still, the flag became the National Flag following the Meiji Restoration in 1868. The usual paractice in the military history project is to use contemporary flags. I have manually split the allies and events into ucsd quantitative biology phd 2 columns. Germany, regards, with space for text or image. Since column splitting doesnapos 45, anyhow the current situation seems rather confusing. They definitely do not qualify as puppets.

We could use "Fascist" or "Agressor but there are probably quibbles with these.Close - up white paper texture and background Recycling bins with paper, plastic, glass, metal, organic and electronic waste isolated on white.And I think it makes me change my mind about adding more operations to this article.

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I'd like to put in a few more articles there.