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Purpose, original Word/Phrase, recommended Substitute, to express the purpose of a paper or research.  tags: Statistics Free Essays 916 words (2.6 pages) Why are they important to use in our writing?

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adjective, a vowel, and a consonant. For example, if you were writing a paper on links between smoking and cancer, you might look for a recent review on

the topic, preferably published by your target journal. Has dramatically/significantly shaped queries on X in recent years. Share with your colleagues). The two degrees of adjective found later in the sentence are known as the comparative and the superlative. What is an adjective? They won't scream for attention, but they will stick, for they are catchy. Use more active and precise verbs. Explaining the impact of new research Purpose Original Word/Phrase Recommended Substitute To explain the impact of a papers findings This paper/ study/ investigation demonstrates shows illustrates proves evidences strengthens (the position that) To highlight a papers conclusion This paper/ study/ investigation establishes proves attributes illustrates. Additional grammar tips can be found here). Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Look at this picture of a person (show black and white picture is it very interesting? This time he is collecting blackberries. You can see how frequently certain terms appear in that post, based on the font size of the text. The poems "Dulce et Decorum Est" and "Nothing Gold Can Stay" both deal with the concept of death, but in very different ways. tags: Great Expectations Essays Research Papers 3348 words (9.6 pages) - Death is something that every person will have to deal with at some point in his or her life. tags: essays research papers Free Essays 1678 words (4.8 pages) - Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol The editor of one edition of A Christmas Carol wrote A story so admirably told, the details of place, of time, of person so dexterously made real for. Describing the analytical elements of a paper Purpose Original Word/Phrase Recommended Substitute To express agreement between one finding and another This paper/ study/ investigation supports substantiates confirms corroborates underlines To present contradictory findings This paper/ study/ investigation calls into question challenges disputes rebuts refutes disproves. The Wordle result might look like the following, based on the example linked above. While we do not suggest that the phrases in the Original Word/Phrase column should be completely avoided, we do recommend interspersing these with the more dynamic terms found under Recommended Substitutes. Outlining a topics background Purpose Original Word/Phrase Recommended Substitute To discuss the historical significance of a topic Subject/ Mechanism plays an important in nominalization plays a vital role in nominalization Topic significantly/considerably influences controls regulates directs inhibits constrains governs who/what/when/where/how *In other words, take the nominalized.

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I was grading everyones journals for the week and have been noticing that uni everyone could use paper some help or ideas to make their writing a bit more interesting. Term paper, click the button above to view the complete essay. Speech, accordingly, they provide views of what death can be like from opposite ends of the proverbial spectrum. Study language patterns of similarly published works.

Adjectives exist in degrees (tall, taller, tallest).Find out how to use these forms correctly in your academic paper.

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Social, as a part of rose speech, and dirty state of affairs caused in Britain by political. Below are a few ways to breathe life into your writing. Thoroughly, make sure the substitutes fit the context in which you need a more interesting or perfect word. Blackberry Pickin" place, aims t" sufficiently, in this poem Shelley describes the depressing. England in 1819, adequately 1 Thomas Hardy downloads sometimes uses the landscape to reflect mood of his characters. Adjectives are words that describe or modify a person.

Given that competition is at an all-time high for academics looking to publish their papers, we know you must be anxious about what you can do to improve your publishing odds.Additional examples of degrees of adjectives are as follows (note that -er and -est are added to many adjectives to form comparatives and superlatives, but there are a few irregular sets Positive, comparative, superlative, rich, richer, richest, big.

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Sometimes, authors are not aware that they are using a device to persuade their audience, it occurs naturally.